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5 Wholesale Items To Sell From Home (Easy Profits)

5 Wholesale Items To Sell From Home (Easy Profits)

Wholesale products to sell from home can seem like a time-consuming and challenging business model. Many people imagine their houses filled with inventory with no space to relax. For these reasons, some entrepreneurs give up on their dreams of running a wholesale business.

Fortunately, several products take up very little space in your home and can drive high-profit margins. These items are affordable to acquire and can be easily sold for a high return on investment.

In this post, we’ll provide some ideas for wholesale items to sell from home. We’ll also explain how to deal with some of the challenges of selling from home. Let’s get started!

Benefits Of Selling Wholesale Products From Home

Wholesale products are sold in bulk directly to a retailer at a discounted price. The retailer will then sell the product to the consumer. This setup differs from retail stores, which sell items at full price and usually in smaller quantities.

While you’ll be selling each item for a slightly lower price, wholesaling has many benefits. This commerce approach is a simple and effective way to offload several products to one customer. Since more items are moved per sale, you can drastically reduce handling time and marketing costs.

Furthermore, when you sell from home, you won’t need to spend money on a warehouse or physical store. You can keep stock in your house and offload it through an online store.

With Wholesale Suite, you can easily sell products from home through a WooCommerce B2B store:

Wholesale suite plugin for wordpress
Wholesale Suite is a complete wholesale solution for WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows you to build a well-designed, modern WordPress store packed with essential e-commerce features. Wholesale Suite can then manage the wholesaling side, including bulk discounts, order minimums, and approval systems.

5 Wholesale Items To Sell From Home

Now that you know more about wholesaling and why it can be a great business model, let’s look at five wholesale items to sell from home today. 

Many people worry about spacial limitations when starting with this business model. Therefore, we’ve focused on small, easy-to-store items that won’t take over your home!

1. Candles and fragrances

Whether you are making them yourself or purchasing from a manufacturer, candles and fragrances are great wholesale products. You can easily sell multiple different sizes, colors, scents, and other variants so that buyers will have a lot of options:

Candles are some of the best wholesale items to sell from home.
A great option to sell online if you are concerned about space are candles and fragrances

Candles and fragrances are excellent wholesale items to sell from home. Their small sizes and compact shapes make them a great option to sell online. They can easily be stored side by side, and hundreds of items can fit in just a single closet.

Furthermore, candles and fragrances are relatively easy products to make yourself, so you could manufacture your own products. Otherwise, you will need to find a reliable manufacturer in your local area to buy your candles and fragrances. Once you’ve found one, you can begin marketing and selling to retailers.

2. Health and wellness products

Health and wellness is an extensive category with many different product categories. If you’re passionate about exercise and nutrition or just looking to tap into a lucrative market, this business model could be ideal.

We recommend staying away from bulkier exercise equipment such as treadmills, dumbbells, and barbells. Instead, you could opt for nutrition-based products like supplements or protein powder. Alternatively, yoga or pilates equipment is relatively compact.

For instance, Muscle Foods USA is a sports nutrition wholesaler that offers creatine powders, performance drinks, and more. One of the keys to this company’s success is its strong and professional brand:

A health and wellness wholesale company.
Another good option is nutritional supplements for health and wellness

Health and wellness products are great if you want to sell from home. You can easily categorize them for organizational purposes. You might choose to dedicate a small space in one room for a particular category and use different rooms for other types. Plus, smaller items like powders are easy to stack.

3. Pet supplies

Pet supplies are also great wholesale items to sell from home. While they tend to take up a bit more space than other options, they’re still easy to store and stack in an organized and efficient manner. Therefore, if you have a spare garage or shed, these may be the perfect items for your online store.

Some pet supplies include food, collars, leashes, bowls, treats, toys, etc. However, selling pet food usually requires more time and research because it’s crucial to understand the nutritional makeup of your products.

You can reach a wide range of customers by stocking many pet supply items spanning different categories. You might also consider using pet-related imagery in your branding to appeal to animal lovers (your target customers):

A wholesale pet product store.
Pet supplies are good products to sell online

Furthermore, running a pet supply wholesale business can be highly profitable in the long term. The pet care market is projected to be worth more than $350 billion by 2027. This industry is still growing and can present an excellent opportunity for new wholesale businesses.

4. Party decorations

Are you looking for fun and colorful products to sell from home? Then party decorations could be a perfect fit for you. There is a near-endless number of items you could sell in this category, from candles and cake decorations to streamers and balloons:

wholesale party supplies company
Party decorations are great options to sell wholesale online as you won’t run out of customers

One of the main benefits of selling party decorations instead of other wholesale items is that they’re fun and vibrant. If you’re feeling bored or burnt out by the idea of running a more traditional wholesale business, party products could re-ignite your passion.

If you’re a creative person, you could even consider making your own decorations. You might add custom designs to your products or offer personalized supplies to your customers.

5. Toys, games, and puzzles

Have you got a passion for toys, games, and puzzles? Then such items are natural choices for wholesale items to sell from home. Whether your focus is board games, video games, model cars, or something else, these items are easily boxed and stored in your home:

Game wholesale items.
Toys, games and puzzles can easily be stored and sold wholesale

You could even design and distribute your own game if you’re particularly creative. However, keep in mind that this approach has a degree of risk. There’s always a chance that customers will dislike your product, resulting in few sales.


Many people believe that selling wholesale products from home requires considerable time and space. In reality, there are plenty of simple and effective items that almost anyone can start selling right away. 

In this post, we covered just a few of these items:

  1. Candles and fragrances
  2. Health and wellness products
  3. Pet supplies
  4. Party decorations
  5. Toys, games, and puzzles

Do you have any questions about choosing wholesale items to sell from home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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