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Top 6 Holiday Promotions To Offer Wholesale Customers This Year

Top 6 Holiday Promotions To Offer Wholesale Customers This Year

Are you looking to create holiday promotions that motivate your customers to act? At this time of year, we’re surrounded by holiday noise. As a result, it can be challenging to make your deals stand out among other wholesalers with similar offerings.

Fortunately, you can run holiday promotions that are more likely to entice customers. From free delivery to holiday gift guides, the key is to make your offers irresistible. This way, you can secure larger-than-average orders and boost sales. At the same time, you’re able to reward loyal shoppers and strengthen customer relationships.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the benefits of offering holiday promotions. Then, we’ll discuss six top promotions to offer wholesale customers this year. Let’s get started!

The Benefits Of Offering Holiday Promotions

While holiday promotions are great for saving customers’ precious pennies, they also offer many benefits to business owners.

holiday promotions

So, how can festive deals work to your advantage? Simply put, they can:

Establish a strong brand presence

Injecting humor and humanity into creative marketing materials can give your brand a unique and memorable identity. This can help grow your audience, allowing you to expand your business.

Meet your customers’ needs

With your wealth of experience, you’ll be able to identify certain products that are in high demand during the holidays. Then, you can let customers know that you are not only aware of their needs but also capable of meeting this demand.

Reward loyal customers

By offering customers coupons and exclusive deals, you can make shoppers feel appreciated and valued. In turn, they may be more likely to make repeat purchases in your store.

Create a sense of urgency

Time-sensitive offers can position your promotions as “too good to miss” since the offer won’t last forever. In this case, you can utilize slightly more pressing language in your marketing to encourage speedy sales.

Show customers you care

Some wholesalers hike up their prices knowing that customers are in need of specific products. However, by offering promotions, you can show that you’re invested in your shoppers’ success. This way, they’ll learn that they can rely on you.

top wholesale holiday promotions

Creating holiday promotions for your WooCommerce store is easy when you use Wholesale Suite. Our plugin streamlines your wholesale business, helping you earn more profit.

We stand for easy ordering and flexible pricing. Plus, we integrate with a ton of WooCommerce extensions to help you get the most out of your store.

Top 6 Holiday Promotions To Offer Wholesale Customers This Year

Now that you know the benefits of providing holiday promotions, let’s take a look at the six top deals you can offer your wholesale customers this season.

1. Free delivery

Free delivery is a huge draw for new and existing customers. In fact, it’s the leading reason for buying a product online. If your store can’t afford to cover the costs of all deliveries, you can always offer the perk for a limited time only. Or, you can offer free delivery to customers that spend over a certain amount:

Example of one of the most common holiday promotions – free limited Christmas delivery
Offering free delivery can contribute to the conversion of website visits into sales

To do this, you’ll simply need to set a minimum order quantity. Then, you can set up conditional shipping in WooCommerce.

2. Holiday referral contests

Even if you already have a referral program, hosting a contest can be a fun way for you and your pre-existing customers to enjoy mutual benefits. For example, a contest can allow former shoppers or loyalty program members to access lower prices while helping you attract new customers:

Example of a referral contest
Holiday contests can be an exciting way for your customers to order from your store

To get started, you might award a prize to the member who refers the most new customers. Additionally, you could offer smaller prizes for the runner-ups.

Alternatively, you might prefer to provide a hard-to-resist, double-sided referral incentive for your program. For example, clients that refer three new customers can get ten percent off their next order. Then, you can also reward the referred customers by providing free samples when they join.

3. Pre-order specials

Offering your customers pre-order specials can help you avoid the post-holiday slump. This is especially useful if your business is prone to big booms during the holiday season or if your products are less useful during the winter. To combat this, you can give special discounts to customers who sign up for a subscription or plan, or to those who book/order in advance.

One of the easiest ways to encourage customers to commit to pre-orders is to provide a super simple ordering system. You can do this with our WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form plugin:

Wholesale Suite Order Form plugin
Wholesale Order Form can help you make an efficient one-page ordering system for your store

Once activated, this handy plugin gives you access to efficient, one-page forms and a slick yet simple interface. You can also take advantage of unique features such as our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, advanced sorting options, multiple order forms, and various add-to-cart options.

Pre-order specials allow you to rest easy knowing that you’ve already secured business when it’s usually slowing down. Plus, pre-orders are easier to lock in during busy periods when customers are in the mindset of spending.

4. Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts are an excellent way to offer holiday promotions since customers are often buying for more than one person during the period. A great way to implement bulk pricing in WooCommerce is to offer a tiered pricing discount.

For instance, those who buy five items get $10 off their order but those who purchase 10 get $15 off. Our WooCommerce Wholesale Suite Prices plugin can help you get started with this strategy.

Once installed, you can create quantity-based discounts by heading to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Prices. Then, simply click on the Discount tab and scroll down to the General Quantity Based Discounts section:

Using the Wholesale Suite plugin to set quantity based discounts in WooCommerce
General Quantity Based Discounts (click to zoom)

Next, check the box to enable quantity discounts and use the dropdown to select Wholesale Customer under Wholesale Role:

Setting a wholesale discount with Wholesale Suite
Selecting the Wholesale Customer wholesale role (click to zoom)

Here, you can enter a starting quantity and an ending quantity. Plus, you can set a percentage discount. For example, you might choose to offer a 20 percent discount to customers who buy between 50 and 100 items:

Example of a quantity based discount
Offering a discount to wholesale customers (click to zoom)

Once you’ve set up your bulk discount, click on Add Mapping. Lastly, remember to save your changes at the bottom of the page.

5. BOGO deals

Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals are an easy way to encourage customers to buy more of your products. They’re also great to run during the holidays since shoppers are buying multiple gifts and even treating themselves. In fact, 50 percent of customers plan to buy a treat for themselves during the holidays.

Additionally, BOGO deals are excellent for clearing out your inventory or getting rid of poor-selling items. If you can’t afford to give away products for free, you can simply offer a discount on the second purchase, such as Buy One Get One Half Price.

One of the easiest ways to make a BOGO deal offer is by using the Advanced Coupons plugin:

Advanced Coupons plugin
Advanced Coupons allows you to make better discounts and offers to your customers

Once you’ve installed and activated the tool, navigate to Coupons > Add New. Then, enter your own coupon code or use our tool to generate a code for you. Under Discount type, select Buy X Get X Deal (BOGO):

Creating a BOGO deal in Advanced Coupons
Creating a BOGO Deal (click to zoom)

Next, under Customer Buys, select your trigger type. For example, the deal can be applied to specific products, products of the same category, or all items in your store:

Creating a BOGO deal in WooCommerce
Selecting the trigger type (click to zoom)

At this point, click on Add Product to select the products or categories that are relevant to your promotion:

BOGO deal settings in Advanced Coupons
Adding a product (click to zoom)

Then, under Customer Gets, add the same information and determine your price/discount:

BOGO deal second product price
Setting the discount value (click to zoom)

In our offer, we’ve made it so that every customer buying a hoodie with a logo also gets one-half price:

BOGO deal example
A finalized BOGO deal (click to zoom)

When you’ve finished tweaking your deal, click on Save BOGO Deals.

6. A holiday gift guide

While you might already have a product catalog, a holiday guide lets you position your products as exciting purchases suitable for gifting. What’s more, when you create a dedicated space for your products, customers can more easily find what they’re looking for:

Example of a holiday gift guide
A holiday guide can make it easier for your customers to buy holiday related items from your store

You can also offer exclusive deals within your holiday guide. For instance, you might create product bundles for related products. This is a great way to cut costs for customers while encouraging them to consider buying goods they might not ordinarily purchase.

Also, you can partner up with other businesses to secure free advertising for your store. You could simply agree to feature their products or services in your gift guide and benefit from a slot of your own in their catalog.


Holiday promotions provide an excellent opportunity to encourage your customers to buy. It’s true that offering special deals is a strategy used by many other wholesalers. Nevertheless, you can make your promotions distinct by implementing attractive offers that shoppers can’t resist.

To recap, here are six top holiday promotions to offer wholesale customers this year:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Holiday referral contests
  3. Pre-order specials
  4. Bulk discounts
  5. BOGO deals
  6. A holiday gift guide

Do you have any questions about offering holiday promotions on your online store? Let us know in the comments section below!

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