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Wholesale Suite 7th Birthday!

Wholesale Suite 7th Birthday!

Back in 2014, Rymera Web Co (our company) was very different from what it is today.

There were only 3 of us then. Myself (Josh) and two other web developers (shoutout to my OGs Jomar and Jethro!) were consulting for two main groups of customers:

  1. To other web agencies… we’d come in as backend devs to help build things that weren’t available via off-the-shelf WooCommerce plugins or just plain not available because it was a bit out there.
  2. To e-commerce store owners… Josh, having an eclectic background as a software developer, e-commerce owner, and self-taught marketing nerd, would consult for big e-commerce stores needing a combination of strategy + solution.

One day, a big e-commerce store owner we were working with wanted a wholesale solution. But at the time, there weren’t any solid plugins out there that catered to the whole picture of selling wholesale online.

What we found was that the existing solutions only solved part of the problem, ignoring the hard bits, and sometimes it felt like they didn’t even know or care about the other big challenges that store owners were facing when doing wholesale online.

After copious amounts of coffee and a crazy tight deadline, we cobbled together a solution… but in the back of our minds was that feeling that we could do better.

So we started building what was to become Wholesale Suite, which launched in 2015 with our free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin.

Fast Forward 7 Years!

Wholesale Suite solves the holy trinity of wholesaling problems for your business:

  1. Setting product pricing in super flexible ways (plus everything that goes along with that!)
  2. Providing a fast, efficient ordering interface that customers love (so they can get their orders in and get on with their day)
  3. Capturing and onboarding new wholesale customers (with registration, an approval process, and an email sequence along the way)

We serve store owners who are looking to expand into wholesale, or, businesses that already do wholesale and want to modernize and bring that business online to unlock admin efficiencies and centralize ordering into one place.

And we love it!

Rymera Team
Rymera Team Meetup In Bali 2020

So now that we’re 7 years old, I wanted to write this blog post to commemorate not only all the hard work from our team, but also all the hard work, feedback, reviews, marketing, sales, and more from our customers who have helped us along the way.

Recent Works

It’s been quite a journey, and we’re far from over yet. We’ve still been busy, even just over these last couple of months!

  1. Wholesale Order Form 2.0 – rebuilt from the ground up—is faster than ever and now supports multiple forms, boasts a brand new order form builder, and lots of other efficiencies. We hope your customers love it!
  2. Wholesale Dashboard – we wanted to give you a taste of the impact that wholesale has on your business. Our new wholesale menu & dashboard brings this information to the fore so that you can get a snapshot of your wholesale business.
  3. Percentage Wholesale Prices On Product Level – a hotly requested feature that’s been in our backlog has made it out. You can now set wholesale pricing at the product level using a percentage!

We also have a lot of work in progress that we’re sure store owners will love as well.

We’re working hard in the background on a brand new feature that helps you market your wholesale business so you can get more orders than you could imagine.

And we’re also aiming to release a new solution later this year to help with backend ordering!

This, plus continuing to produce lots of smaller improvements, fix tons of bugs, and preemptively patch any security issues—we want to continue delivering for our wondering store owners!

Commitment To The Future

I want to say thank you to everyone who has crossed our paths over the last 7 years. Your countless bits of feedback, bug reports, improvements, and feature suggestions have been well received, and our team loves hearing from our users.

And if I could ask just one favour in return if you’re a happy customer, please tell others about it by leaving us a review on WordPress.org.

We love hearing from our store owner users and we read every review aloud in our weekly calls together. It’s a great boost to the team!

We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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Josh Kohlbach CEO
Josh is the founder of Rymera Web Co, the makers of Wholesale Suite and many other plugins. He's a business marketing geek and chronic reader; you'll often find his nose buried in some obscure book.

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