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How To Add WooCommerce Advanced Coupons On Your Store (For Free)

How To Add WooCommerce Advanced Coupons On Your Store (For Free)

Managing a wholesale e-commerce store can bring some unique challenges. For example, you might often need to ensure that certain deals are not applied to retail shoppers, or that wholesale buyers purchase specific quantities of your products before receiving a discount.

A solid choice to help you manage your store more efficiently is to use the WooCommerce Advanced Coupons plugin. This can enable you to create more complex offers such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals and shipping discounts. You can even apply coupons automatically to qualifying orders.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you might want to use coupons in addition to regular wholesale discounts. We’ll also show you how to add them using the WooCommerce Advanced Coupons plugin. Let’s get started!

Why You Might Consider Using Coupons for Your Wholesale Store

Selling to wholesale customers typically involves giving them substantial discounts on bulk orders. However, you might also want to consider using coupons as well.

There are many ways you can implement additional discounts as a wholesaler. For example, you can restrict the application of coupons by user role since not all deals will be appropriate for different types of customers.

You can also test for Cart Conditions before applying a coupon. For instance, you might want to provide a discount if a buyer has a certain quantity of a specific item in their cart.

Other uses of Advanced Coupons for wholesalers include:

  • Create ‘tiered’ discounts. For example, you might require ‘Bronze’ buyers to have 30 products in their cart to receive a 12 percent discount, whereas ‘Platinum’ users might only need 10 of the same item.
  • Discount first-time orders. Providing special offers to new buyers can help get them in the door and turn them into loyal customers.
  • Add product samples automatically. Product samples can introduce buyers to new items they might be interested in and lead to sales down the line.

Of course, you want to avoid over-discounting as well. Fortunately, WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium and Advanced Coupons both give you so much control over your discounts’ restrictions and minimum requirements that you can easily prevent buyers from walking away with free merchandise.

An Introduction to WooCommerce Advanced Coupons

By using WooCommerce Advanced Coupons, you can gain more granular control over your selling process. Our plugin builds upon WooCommerce’s built-in coupons feature. It enables you to:

  • Create basic BOGO deals.
  • Restrict coupons to specific user roles.
  • Set up URL coupons that customers can apply by clicking on a link.
  • Require specific product quantities or subtotals for coupons to apply.

Note that although the free version of WooCommerce Advanced Coupons is fully-functional, the premium plugin provides extra features that can skyrocket your efficiency. For example, the premium version enables you to:

  • Create advanced Cart Conditions that control when customers can apply a coupon.
  • Offer advanced BOGO deals with multiple products or across different item categories.
  • Auto-apply coupons or show customers to a ‘one-click apply’ button.
  • Add specific products to customers’ carts when they apply a coupon.
  • Provide shipping discounts in addition to or independent of other offers.
  • Set up a loyalty points program for your wholesale customers.

Additionally, the Wholesale Suite and Advanced Coupon plugins are built by the same team and pair seamlessly. You won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues between them.

How To Add WooCommerce Advanced Coupons On Your Store (In 6 Steps)

To give you an idea of how you can use Advanced Coupons for wholesale, we’ll walk through creating a BOGO coupon that will only be available to wholesale customers who order at least 50 of a specific product. You’ll want to install and activate the free version WooCommerce Advanced Coupons before proceeding.

Step 1: Create a new BOGO deal

First, navigate to Coupons > Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Then create the necessary code:

Creating a new woocommerce advanced coupon.
(click to zoom)

Customers will be able to enter this at checkout to apply your discount to their orders. Next, scroll down to the Coupon data section and click on the BOGO Deals tab:

The BOGO Deals tab in the Coupon data section of the editor.
(click to zoom)

Here you’ll have access to the special settings Advanced Coupons provides for this kind of discount.

Step 2: Set your BOGO trigger

BOGO deals are made up of up a ‘trigger type’ and an ‘apply type’. The first is the requirement customers have to meet in order to receive your discount. The second is what they get when they activate the trigger.

Since we’re using the free version of Advanced Coupons, the only trigger available is Specific Products. This will require customers to add a certain item to their carts to apply your coupon.

Next, click on Add Product. Here, you can search for the item that needs to be in the customer’s cart for the deal to become available to them. You can also enter the required quantity:

Setting the BOGO deal trigger type.
(click to zoom)

Don’t forget to click on the Add button to save your selection.

Step 3: Define your BOGO apply type

Next, you’ll need to specify the Apply type. Again, since we’re using the free version of the plugin, the only option is Specific products. Click on Add Product, then search for the item you want to give to customers:

Setting the BOGO deal apply type.
(click to zoom)

You can also select the quantity you want to provide. Then, you’ll need to specify the price or discount for the products you’re giving as part of this deal. The options include:

  • Override price: Set an entirely new price for the products you’re giving to qualifying customers; you can set it to “0” if you want the items to be free.
  • Percentage discount: Take a percent off the price of the specified item.
  • Fixed discount: Lower the price of the specified item by a certain amount.

Click on Add to confirm your discount’s settings. For this example, we’ve created our BOGO deal so that if a customer adds 50 t-shirts to their cart, they’ll receive another 50 at half price.

Step 4: Configure your discount’s additional settings

Next, there are a few other settings you may want to configure for your BOGO deal. First, you can choose whether customers can apply it only once, or repeatedly:

WooCommerce Advanced Coupons BOGO deal additional settings.
(click to zoom)

You can also customize the notification, button text, and URL customers will see when they qualify for your discount. When you’re happy with your discount’s settings, click on the Save BOGO Deals button.

Step 5: Restrict your BOGO deal to wholesale customers

The last thing you need to do is to set up the Cart Conditions for your BOGO deal. These are additional requirements that customers will have to meet in order to access your discount.

In this case, we’re going to require that customers be logged in as wholesale customers in order to receive this discount. If you’re using our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin, it will create this user role for you automatically.

In the Cart Conditions section, select Allowed Customer User Role from the dropdown and click on the Add button. Then type “wholesale customer” into the search bar:

Restricting an Advanced Coupons BOGO deal to wholesale customers.
(click to zoom)

Select the proper user role from the list, then click on the Save Cart Conditions button.

Step 6: Apply your coupon automatically

At this point, you can save your coupon and send out the code to customers. Alternatively, you might consider auto-applying your discount. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version of Advanced Coupons to do so.

Then all you have to do is select the Enable auto apply for this coupon checkbox:

Enabling auto-apply in Advanced Coupons Premium.
(click to zoom)

If a customer meets your discount’s conditions, the coupon will be applied to their order automatically, and they won’t need to go hunting for a discount code. Don’t forget to click on the Update button to save your changes.


Although you might be offering regular discounts to your wholesale buyers, it can be beneficial to gain better control over the conditions by which your deals are applied. This can help you keep customers interested in your store and enable you to manage it more efficiently. 

In this article, we discussed how you can use WooCommerce Advanced Coupons for your wholesale site by walking through how to set up a BOGO deal in six steps:

  1. Create a new BOGO deal.
  2. Set your BOGO trigger.
  3. Define your BOGO apply type.
  4. Configure your discount’s additional settings.
  5. Restrict your BOGO deal to wholesale customers.
  6. Apply your coupon automatically.

Do you have any questions about using WooCommerce Advanced Coupons on your wholesale site? Let us know in the comments section below!

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