How To Create A WooCommerce Order Form (For Wholesale + More)

WooCommerce Order Form

Have you been wanting to create a WooCommerce order form interface? Maybe you have heard that it’s good to provide a more efficient ordering interface for customers like wholesale customers?

In this article, we’re going to cover the nitty-gritty of how to create a WooCommerce order form that can be used for wholesale customers or even just regular customers where a table-like interface would suit better.

Why Build A WooCommerce Order Form?

There are a number of reasons for providing a more efficient ordering interface for your customers.

  1. Wholesale customers are not like retail customers – they don’t need to browse your catalog in high-detail, they want to submit an order quickly.
  2. Bulk order – your customers might want to do a bulk order of your products and an optimized order form for your WooCommerce store will provide the best way to do that.
  3. Quick order – it’s much faster to order products via an efficient WooCommerce order form.

Accepting customer orders via a WooCommerce order form is the best way to allow for wholesale, bulk orders and quick orders.

What Is The Best WooCommerce Order Form Solution?

Wholesale Suite has created a ground-breaking plugin for providing the perfect interface for WooCommerce wholesale ordering and (even for retail orders as well). It’s called the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form.

WooCommerce Order Form For Wholesale
WooCommerce Order Form For Wholesale

This plugin solves a number of issues for WooCommerce ordering:

  • Decreases frustration – UX studies have shown that more efficient interfaces lead to more favorable results. Using this plugin your customers will have a great experience which leads to increased order size.
  • No page reloading – the less back and forth you have with page reloads the faster an interface feels to the user. This is why the order form plugin is 100% ajax driven and fast.
  • Responsive layout – many customers order via tablet or phone interfaces so it is important that your order form is responsive like the wholesale order form plugin.
  • The whole catalog – if you have a large catalog then an interface like this can help a lot as it is searchable and filterable.

Step #1 – Download WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form Plugin

WooCommerce Order Form

You can purchase and download the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form plugin here.

It has wholesale in the name because it’s part of the Wholesale Suite solution for WooCommerce which is all about adding wholesale to your WooCommerce store.

The order form plugin is designed from the ground up to give your customers a unique, fast, quick bulk ordering interface. You can use it for wholesale customers or retail customers.

I highly recommend viewing the getting started guide after you download the plugin to get a head start on all the features.

Step #2 – Tweak The Order Form Display Settings

In WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form you can choose to display your form with Add To Cart buttons on each line or with checkboxes instead.

This means there is a standard layout and an alternative layout:

WooCommerce Order Form Display Style
WooCommerce Order Form Display Style (click to zoom)

Using the standard style with add to cart buttons on the right has a number of advantages:

  1. It’s faster for the customer
  2. Fewer mouse clicks (every mouse click adds time and frustration)
  3. It’s all AJAX so no page reloading happens when clicked
Wholesale Order Form Standard Style
WooCommerce Order Form Standard Style

The alternate display style also has it’s advantages:

  1. Customers can add products all at once
  2. Feels more like a traditional order sheet
  3. Also fully AJAX driven so doesn’t reload the page when clicked
Wholesale Order Form Alternate Style
WooCommerce Order Form Alternate Style

At the end of the day, you need to choose what your customers most expect when they encounter the order form interface. You want it to feel natural to them.

Step #3 – Paginated or Lazy Load Order Form?

The next choice you need to make is how to treat loading of extra products into the table.

You can choose whether you want to have more product paginated, meaning they are hidden subsequent pages. Or you can choose to use lazy loading which simply adds more products to the end of the product table when scrolling down.

WooCommerce Order Form Pagination Lazy Loading
WooCommerce Order Form Pagination or Lazy Loading?

Step #4 – Secure The WooCommerce Order Form Permissions

In the next step, I suggest you tweak the permissions of the order form. This determines who can actually see and use the form.

If you want, you can restrict this to just wholesale customers which is handy when creating a wholesale ordering form.

WooCommerce Order Form Permissions
WooCommerce Order Form Permissions

You can choose the user roles that are allowed to access the WooCommerce order form and then also set a nice Access Denied message.

If this is for wholesale, you may want to include a link to a wholesale registration page in this access denied message so that people know where to go to ask for a wholesale account.

Easily Create An Order Form For WooCommerce

Now that you’ve finished setting up your order form you can view it on your WooCommerce store’s front end.

The plugin automatically creates a page for your first order form at http://[yoursiteurl]/wholesale-ordering/

Remember that it’s good practice to put yourself in the customer’s shoes when evaluation your WooCommerce ordering form.

  • Does it suit for the purpose?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Can users access and use the order form easily?

If you are creating this order form for wholesale customers, I highly recommend you also check out the rest of the Wholesale Suite Bundle. It includes solutions not just for a WooCommerce order form but also for wholesale pricing and wholesale registration.

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  1. I have an e-shop online (website made with a shopify template) I will be opening a wholesale division and do not know if I will add the section wholesale to my current website OR create a new wholesale website. Will this plug in work with shopify template ? If I decide to create a new wholesale website, what do you suggest I use to create template ?

    Thank you

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