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Revolutionize Your Payments: Introducing The New Wholesale Payments Plugin

Revolutionize Your Payments: Introducing The New Wholesale Payments Plugin

Offering payment installments is a common practice in the wholesale industry: businesses engage in bulk transactions, which typically entail substantial investments. As an e-commerce wholesaler, you’ll want to provide your B2B clients with this convenience and flexibility. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce Wholesale Payments: our newest WooCommerce payment plan plugin! 

Our aim is to address key challenges WooCommerce wholesalers face when it comes to offering payment options to their customers. With Wholesale Payments, you can effortlessly offer payment installments, create payment plans for B2B buyers, and manage invoices seamlessly.

In this article, we’ll explore the key features of Wholesale Payments and walk you through how it can benefit your business. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

What Is Wholesale Payments And How Can It Benefit My Business? 

Wholesale Payments is the newest addition to Wholesale Suite–a collection of tools that allow wholesalers to bring their entire business operations to WooCommerce. This new WooCommerce payment plan plugin empowers business owners to create custom payment plans for their wholesale customers. 

We’ll dive into more of its key features later! Firstly, let’s take a quick glimpse at how it can benefit your business. Wholesale Payments can help you: 

  • Save time and streamline your workflow: Our plugin streamlines your wholesale operations by giving you a hassle-free means to offer payment installments for your wholesale customers and monitor their payments. As a result, there’s no need for manual invoicing and tracking! Wholesale Payments showcases it all in one intuitive dashboard, allowing you to reclaim precious time for more strategic initiatives. 
  • Enhance the wholesale customer experience: According to industry insights, providing B2B buyers with their preferred payment and invoicing options can encourage higher average order values and make you a preferred partner. Wholesale Payments helps you boost customer satisfaction by enabling you to create custom payment plans, whether it’s accommodating NET 30 structures, initial deposits with subsequent installments, or other types of payments. 
  • Gain visibility into your business finances: Our WooCommerce payment plan plugin also allows you to view outstanding balances and monitor pending payments to give you a clear overview of the financial health of your business. As a result, you can make informed decisions on future investments and business goals. 
  • Optimize cash flow: Another crucial aspect of growing your business is maintaining a healthy cash flow. With the option to provide tailored payment plans for B2B buyers, you can optimize your business’ cash flow, seize new opportunities and investments, and be more resilient against market fluctuations. 

Key Features Of Wholesale Payments Plugin 

Let’s explore the plugin’s key features below:

1. Offer payment installments

Wholesale Payments allow you to offer payment installments based on your business requirements, whether it’s in fixed amounts or percentages. To make setting up easier for you, the plugin comes with default payment plans you choose from, such as NET 30, 3 equal payments, and more: 

Our WooCommerce payment plan plugin come with default payment setups.
Wholesale Payments come with default payment setups to save you time. (click to zoom)

2. Create custom payment plans 

Our WooCommerce payment plan plugin offers unmatched flexibility by enabling you to create custom payment plans for your B2B customers. You can define the plan details, payment requirements, and schedules effortlessly: 

Creating custom payment plans
Creating a new payment plan using Wholesale Payments (click to zoom)

Role-Based Payment Plans

With Wholesale Payments, you can also restrict payment plans based on wholesale user roles. This allows you to offer exclusive payment structures to different customer segments, helping you create a personalized experience for your customer segments. 

Restricting payment plans based on Wholesale user roles
You can also restrict payment plans based on Wholesale user roles (click to zoom)

3. Streamlined invoice management

Wholesale Payments also revolutionize your approach to invoice management. It takes out the hassle and risks of errors that come with manual invoicing by automating the process for you and your customers.

You’ll get to enjoy an automated email notification system that keeps everyone in the loop–receive emails that notify you of successful transactions and payments. 

Invoice notifications
Customers receive email notifications for invoices (click to zoom)

What’s more, your customers get a detailed view of their payment schedules and timelines right in their account dashboard:

Account dashboard updates
Customers gain complete visibility of their order statuses and due dates (click to zoom)

4. Gain complete visibility into outstanding balances

With our WooCommerce payment plan plugin, you gain a clear overview of the financial health of your wholesale store. It features notifications right on your order dashboard, allowing you to view pending orders, payment statuses, and pending balances in one place: 

Wholesale Payments allow you to view pending balances easily
View pending balances and order statuses in one place (click to zoom)

5. Provide secure & flexible payment options 

Our WooCommerce payment plan plugin seamlessly integrates with Stripe, a global leader in online payment processing. This empowers your wholesale customers to pay with a range of supported payment methods, including ACH Direct Debit, bank transfer, digital wallets, and more. By providing more options for your wholesale customers, you create a better overall purchase experience. 


Providing your B2B customers with convenience and flexibility in payments gives you a competitive edge in today’s e-commerce landscape. Wholesale Payments, our newest WooCommerce payment plugin, allows you to offer payment installments in your e-commerce store and elevate the customer experience. In this article, we’ve explored its key features and the benefits it can offer to your wholesale business.

With Wholesale Payments, you can:

  1. Offer payment installments
  2. Create custom payment plans
  3. Streamline invoice management
  4. Gain visibility into outstanding balances
  5. Provide your customer with secure & flexible payment options

At Wholesale Suite, our goal is to empower wholesale store owners like you. With Wholesale Payments, you can save time, streamline your workflow, and give your customers more options. 

Do you have any questions about Wholesale Payments? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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