7 Marketing Materials That You Need To Provide Wholesale Customers

7 Marketing Materials That You Need To Provide Wholesale Customers

In this post, we will discuss the marketing materials you should provide wholesale buyers to help them sell more to their customers.

7 Marketing Materials for Wholesale Customers

1. Product Line Sheet

The product line sheet gives a quick overview of what you have to offer. This should contain high-quality product images, catchy product descriptions, SKU product code, and pricing. Get creative in showcasing your products and make it stand out among others. This marketing material is designed to grab the customer’s attention and make them purchase your products.

Your product line sheet should also include important details such as company name and logo, website, email address, phone and mobile number, and address.

Wholesale buyers need these materials so they can upload your products in their online store and effectively market your products to their customers.

To display your product catalog or line sheet to customers, all you need is to set up the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form on your website. With this easy-to-use plug-in, you can ensure a smooth ordering process and optimize the wholesale ordering experience for customers.

2. Brochures

Printed marketing materials such as brochures and flyers can still come in handy in selling to wholesale customers. Brochures let customers see your product line and what you have to offer in a quick, short glance. That’s why it’s no wonder that some customers prefer to scan through brochures.

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3. Banner Ads

Provide high-quality banner advertisements that wholesale buyers can put up in their online stores. It will also greatly help merchants to advertise your products to their customers. Make sure that these online ads are eye-catching, appealing and enticing to customers.

You can also tweak banner ads to be displayed in online stores, websites, and social media, especially Facebook.

4. Videos

Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools. That’s why it’s no wonder that Youtube ranks second to Google as the go-to resource for information. Most customers search Google and Youtube for more information before making a purchase decision online.

Provide high-quality, informative, catchy and entertaining videos about your products to wholesale customers. These videos can also be shared online especially in social media. It will also generate more exposure for your brand. Plus, you get to reach more customers which will eventually lead to more sales.

5. Blog posts

One of the most effective ways to market your products online is to publish blog posts. Your blog must be in line with the vision and mission of your company. Blog about how your products can help solve the problems of customers.

Wholesale customers can also re-post and share these posts on their social media sites or blogs.

6. Packaging

Nowadays, the packaging is as important as the product itself. Since you are providing the products to wholesale customers, make sure that the packaging is neat and appealing to look at.

Read how to make picture-worthy packaging in our post.

7. High-quality Images

Online marketing expert Neil Patel wrote, “Snap pictures of your products, take videos of the manufacturing process, tell a story with images. Always aim for beauty if possible. People love beauty. Go visual with Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Make sure to provide and share high-quality, professional images to your wholesale customers.


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