7 Ways To Provide A Great Ordering Experience For Your Wholesale Customers

Today, e-commerce has changed the game. Traditional approaches such as manual ordering process, print advertising may still be applicable, but it has become less effective. With the Internet and social media, there are far more effective and modern approaches to online selling. Online tools such as marketing automation and digital marketing have become the trend.

To Create A Great Ordering Experience For Your Wholesale Customers

If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you need to be able to keep up and adapt to changes. As such if you want to succeed in the wholesale business, you need to be able to ensure a great ordering experience. This will make the ordering process fast, easy and convenient for wholesale customers. It will also help them to succeed. After all, the success of your wholesale customers’ businesses is your success as well.

Now the question is, what tools should you use and what website improvements do you need to do in order to achieve a great ordering experience for your wholesale customers and for their customers as well? In this post, we will discuss the ways you can create a great ordering experience for your wholesale customers

7 Ways To Create A Great Ordering Experience For Your Wholesale Customers

1. Wholesale Ordering Form

By having a wholesale order form installed in your online store, you will make it easy for them to order wholesale from you. According to Tradegecko, “Automate your order management and product distribution processes. This means less waiting for busy retailers who want a simple, streamlined process, putting your company near the top of their lists of wholesaling firms to bring their business to.”

To do this, install the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form which automates quick and efficient ordering for wholesale customers. Its features include a responsive layout for on-the-go mobile and tablet ordering, wholesale order forms, easier check-out process, and faster page loading speed. It also displays your whole product catalog with wholesale prices. You may also set a notification for Minimum Order Quantities and other wholesale terms. You can also get the Wholesale Suite Bundle which includes the Wholesale Order Form, Wholesale Lead Capture plugin, and Wholesale Prices Premium. This is a pretty good deal and an absolute must-have for your online store.

2. Accessible and downloadable PDF Documents

Aside from providing well-detailed information of your products on your website, it is also ideal to provide them with downloadable PDF on documents such as your product line sheet, brochures, banners, warranty certificates, flyers and etc. You can display your product catalog or line sheet to customers by setting up the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form on your e-commerce store.

This way your customers can easily access them using their smartphones, laptop, and computers without printing these documents or physically meeting up with you to request for these documents.

You also can save time, effort and printing costs. Your wholesale customers can also use these resources when they introduce, advertise and promote your products to their customers.

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3. Free Shipping

Providing them with good deals or offering incentives will certainly be the starting point of a good business relationship between you and your potential new customers.

One major problem of wholesale customers is the burden of delivery cost. Most of the time, delivery costs are too huge and this is one of the major reasons why customers cancel their orders.

In order to provide a solution for this, set a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and you can give free shipping incentives to wholesale customers when their orders reach a certain volume. By giving them a free shipping incentive, you are encouraging them to buy more.

According to Manifesthq, “Waiving the delivery costs can be a great way of encouraging higher spend for wholesale buyers.”

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4. Automation in every business transaction

Leaving the traditional way of handling business processes manually and taking advantage of the automation that technology has to offer had given significant benefits to a lot of businesses according to Soliditech.

E-commerce platforms offer a wide variety of tools to help you take care of some essentials to your businesses such as customer support, business marketing, managing online order fulfillment, generating of automatic pdf invoices, automatic product inventory, business analytics, and consumer behavior.

So scrap out your spreadsheet and move to an online system where you can automatically update product prices. Generate pdf invoices and manage your customers and products automatically using E-commerce tools. With automation, your life as a business owner and your wholesale customers’ lives had been made easier.

5. An easy and no-hassle payment system

According to Kissmetrics, the checkout page is critical and it’s the final stop for people shopping on your website. Indeed, the payment phase is a critical stage in every business transaction so as much as possible, make it easy, efficient and fast on your customers end. Offer them online payment options such as Paypal, credit cards and etc. There’s a wide variety of plugins and widgets offered by E-commerce platforms to enable online payment on your website.

Aside from giving them an option to pay online, giving them an option to pay offline would also enable you to cater to all of your customers. Offline mode of payment includes cash via meetup, bank deposits, remittances, etc. Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay is essential for increasing conversions and sales.

6. Send Order Updates to your customers

Beetrack mentioned that customers become impatient waiting for the appointed day of delivery, usually without having any news until the product reaches home. It is, therefore, essential to keep your customers informed of the order status. From the order placing stage to the fulfillment of orders including customer feedback, always inform your customers in every stage of the transaction. This would impose transparency and build customer trust.

You can send notifications regarding the stages of the transaction via email or text messaging and also automatically send an invoice through email. Communication is a key factor in establishing human relationships and this applies to business as well.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Service

To ensure that you provide great customer service, wholesale customers need to be able to reach you easily. In your site, you can display a Contact Form where they can submit their queries, issues, comments, and suggestions. You may also publish an email account specifically for the Customer Service Department where customers can reach you directly. You may also offer LiveChat so that you can respond to their queries and concerns immediately.

Doing so will ensure that you are providing a positive online shopping experience for your wholesale customers.

Go the Extra Mile

Make an extra effort to make your customers ordering experience great. They will remember your business for it and will do business with you again. Having the initiative to go the extra mile for the benefit of your customers would definitely take you to greater heights.


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