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7 Ways To Get Awesome Customer Feedback

Thinking of a better method through which you can better serve your customers? This is the key to expanding your sales volume and getting more revenues for your business. For you to increase your sales and maintain your sales target, you need to know how your customers are responding to your goods and services you offer them.

There are many ways that you can use to get your client’s feedback about the products and services you are offering. The following are seven things you may take note of to get feedback from your customers:


One of the most effective methods that you can use to get feedback from your customers is through the use of brochures.
Brochures are an impressive and conducive way of conducting a market survey. They not only allow you to explain about what your business deals with, but it also allows as many questions as you like about your business.
Most customers are very reluctant to provide feedbacks about a product because they are not sure how long the survey is going to last. Unlike other means of data collection, brochures shows your customers how many questions they need to answer. This way they can readily provide you with their information.
Explain to your clients when you give them the brochures that their opinion counts. It will also improve your business as you get their honest feedback. Explain to them that you intend to use their views to serve them better. This way, it will likely encourage your clients to take an affirmative action and take part.

Live Chat Software

Do you have a live chat support software installed on your business’s website? You can use this software for more than a live helpdesk for your customers. This software can be of great help in getting feedback from your clients.
You can use your live chat support to hold a live conference with your various customers. You can discuss with them about the new products that you have introduced to your store. You can open discussion on what your clients would like to see either added or changed on the various products and services that you offer.
Not only would you be using your business website for marketing and increasing your sales, but it also allows you to have a direct contact with your customers to get their feedback. It doesn’t just get you feedback but it also build relationships with your customer
If you use live chat to get feedback from your clients, it may help increase sales. Some of your customers might take this as an opportunity to place orders and start shopping while you are having a chat with them.

how to ensure good customer feedback


Managing the time you are asking for the customer to give you feedback is important. Asking too many questions maybe the reason why you are not getting that much response.

Watching a business ad online for example. If it is too long, the customer’s attention may likely drift away. They might just decide to come back and watch it later, chances are he will not come back.

Managing time is very crucial to any business owner. If your questions are too long, most likely customers won’t come back to respond to your questions. There is also a chance that they won’t come back for any business.

The solution to this is making your questionnaire brief and to the point. Use three questions at the most. With brief questions, your client will feel that it will not consume much of their time and may encourage them to participate.

Quality Of Questions

The kind of questions that you ask your clients will determine whether you will get good feedback or not. If you ask your customers questions with fixed answers, you are likely to feed surface answers that will not help your business much.

Questions starting with, “what” may not be good to use in business feedbacks. An example is a question like, “What would you recommend we improve?” it is a good question, but it is too broad.

To get good customer feedback, you should ask questions that will encourage your clients to give you truthful answers. All great questions begin with, “why ”, e.g., “Why do you do business with us?” this kind of question leads your clients to give you details. It will then help you learn what you should improve on. These questions also make your customers feel that their feedback is worth giving.

Reply To Feedbacks

In every business, you can expect that not all client will be satisfied with your services and goods. This can then lead to getting negative feedbacks from some of your customers.

If you get negative comments from any of your customers, ensure that you get back to that customer and clarify what the problem is and how to solve it. Once you know what the problem is, honor your word and try your best to fix the problem.

Quality Products

Usually, clients are more concerned about quality more than quantity when talking about products. Many businesses nowadays are more concerned with selling more quantity than maintaining good quality. If you want positive feedback from your clients, ensure that you give them the highest quality products for the price they are paying for.

Learn from your customer’s feedbacks and maintain the quality of the products you are selling.

Customer Friendly Services

It helps client relations when the business owner is friendly and helpful to them. Ensure that these values extend to your employees and that they treat your customers with respect.

If most of your clients are from the local area, take advantage of getting feedback from them personally when they visit your store. This method is the most reliable way of getting customer feedback, and it has the highest success rate.

If you ask your clients for responses in the presence of your employees, it will have a positive impact on your customers. You are also likely to get unbiased feedback from your customers.

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