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7 Tips On How To Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

7 tips on how to convert seasonal shoppers into lifelong customers

In a year, numerous occasions and celebrations encourage people to go shopping. But do these shoppers regularly return to your store to meet their needs? That depends on whether they’re seasonal or loyal customers.

Seasonal customers are more likely to avail of your services once. If you’re lucky, they’ll pop by your shop on occasion. In contrast, loyal customers frequently visit your store to purchase products. On top of that, they often inquire about the latest items that you can offer them.

For these reasons, repeat customers can contribute to the growth and longevity of your wholesale business. But how do you convert your seasonal shoppers into loyal consumers? Let’s find out!

7 Strategies You Can Use To Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

Shoppers need motivation when picking a shop for their regular purchases. Simply put, they’ll return to a store if it provides them with the products that suit their requirements. Therefore, if your business can show customers that it offers the solutions to their concerns, then you already have an edge over your rivals.

With that in mind, here are some of the most effective strategies you can use to convert your seasonal shoppers into returning customers:

1. Use an onset loyalty program

Encourage seasonal customers to become lifelong patrons via the use of an onset loyalty program.

A loyalty program rewards customers with points for their purchases. They can then use these points to acquire products at discounted prices or even for free. As you can imagine, the opportunity to earn more points will give people an excellent reason to keep revisiting your store.

Introduce your loyalty program swiftly and make sure that the application for loyalty cards isn’t too complex or time-consuming. You can use your website and social media platforms to get new customers acquainted with this program.

Because a loyalty program should be transparent, mention every detail relevant to it. For instance, you should inform customers about how points are converted into cash gifts. You should also tell them about your 24/7 in-store sales notification system; discounts for selected items; free shipping for purchases over $5,000; and more.

In addition, remember to feature your loyalty program in your holiday sales, advertising, and the like.

improving customer loyalty can turn a seasonal shopper into a lifelong patron
Customers find loyalty programs rewarding

2. Secure a retention program

Grabbing new customers is challenging; making them stay is rewarding. Thankfully, you can encourage shopper loyalty by using a customer retention program.

Customer retention simply entails using strategies that’ll encourage them to keep availing of your services. You can, for example, provide new clients with a robust onboarding experience. You can offer both new and existing customers tools that can help their business grow, then educate them about said tools. It may also be a good idea to develop a community around your products.

Good business requires a balance between customer acquisition and retention. Regardless of the steps you take to turn seasonal shoppers into loyal ones, remember to care for your existing customer base. Among your repeat customers, identify the most devoted ones and give them even more special treatment.

Despite the number of buyers you cater to in a month, never fail to give your best and loyal customers incentives to keep coming back for more.

3. Provide excellent customer service

Smile, greet, and assist – these are the basics of what it takes to be a great customer service representative. But are they enough?

Nothing beats the idea of sales representatives who go out of their way to help customers. Few things are as infectious as company personnel who effuse nothing but passion for your products and services. Therefore, to convert all those seasonal shoppers into lifelong buyers, show them the warm service that your company offers.

Train your team regularly. Make sure they know your products’ best features. They should also be able to compare brands and let buyers pick what suits them. Additionally, ensure your personnel can address inquiries in an informative and friendly way.

Maintaining a good, enjoyable atmosphere for seasonal buyers will entice them to keep doing business with you.

from seasonal shopper to loyal customer
Excellent customer service makes shoppers happy

4. Establish a reasonable return policy

Customers love a shop that hears them out. Thus, if a customer experiences problems with an item, make sure to provide them with solutions.

Set a reasonable return policy that’s clear and visible. Explain the steps people need to take when they want to return a product. All this will help assure customers that they won’t be wasting their money when purchasing from you.

Be realistic and accept the fact that you can’t avoid imperfect business transactions. When you deal with returns appropriately, you encourage seasonal customers to give you another chance thanks to the great service you offer. Not just that, they may even recommend you to their friends and loved ones.

5. Create a tech-savvy shop

The most trending businesses are where they are today thanks to their online presence. You should therefore leverage the power of the internet when turning seasonal buyers loyal.

Put your customers at ease by having an updated website where they can browse and purchase your products with as few clicks as possible. Most seasonal shoppers need to schedule their shopping activities because of work. Thus, if you want them to become lifelong patrons, grant them the convenience of doing their shopping on the World Wide Web.

Your shop website must contain all the necessary details that customers need to know. Product descriptions should be clear, concise, and strategically placed. They should also include every item’s price, available sizes and colors, and limitations. Don’t forget to mention your shipping method. And use attractive, informative pictures and videos whenever and wherever you can!

from seasonal buyer to loyal customer
A great website can contribute to business success

6. Offer sales promotions

Popular products can help wholesale packages sell extremely well. If you include such products in both seasonal and off-season promotions, customers are more likely to seek them out whatever the time of year.

In other words, product promotions can encourage seasonal buyers to return to your store again and again. When you offer excellent products at reduced prices, they become exceptionally attractive to buyers eager to purchase them. Bonus points if you package products of similar or equal value together!

Consider using sales promotion strategies such as coupons, gift cards, and the like.

7. Take advantage of add-on branding

Add-on branding is an effective conversion strategy as it supplies customers with visual reminders about your business.

When buyers make a purchase, give them free, branded merchandise that they’ll find useful. If they see these items often, they’re more likely to remember your shop, increasing the chances of encouraging regular visits to your store.

General Tips On How To Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Lifelong Patrons

Customers stay when they enjoy services that are offered to them sincerely. When you give your buyers value, they’re more likely to return to your shop than look for an unfamiliar one to do business with.

Always remember: you need to know who your customers are. Gathering information about them (such as their contact details) will help you to keep in touch with them the whole year round.

You should also practice generosity and give your customers incentives. Email brochures and free goodies will remind them that your shop still exists even after the holidays. Make sure to notify them when the products they’re interested in become available, as well.

Finally, to gain loyal customers, you need to be optimistic. Look at seasonal shoppers as potential lifelong patrons and devise appropriate strategies that’ll make them stay. The right attitude has served many a wholesaler, so keep your chin up and keep treating your buyers well!

how to start a wholesale business

Conclusion: Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Loyal Customers To Ensure Your Business Succeeds!

Because repeat customers are essential to the growth and success of any business, you should take steps to convert your seasonal shoppers into loyal customers.

In summary, to turn seasonal shoppers into lifelong patrons, you should:

  1. Use an onset loyalty program
  2. Secure a retention program
  3. Provide excellent customer service
  4. Establish a reasonable return policy
  5. Create a tech-savvy shop
  6. Offer sales promotions
  7. Take advantage of add-on branding

Do you have any questions about how you can convert seasonal shoppers into loyal customers? How about the tools you can use to achieve this goal? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!

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