How To Convert Seasonal Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

In a year, there are numerous occasions and celebrations that get shoppers hooked up for shopping. But do they return regularly and as often as possible for their needs? That varies whether a shopper is a seasonal or a loyal shopper. Seasonal customers are more likely to come and pass by once and if they remembered your shop for something, they’ll pop in occasionally. But loyal customers visit regularly to purchase any product that fits their needs and ask for latest items that you can offer them. Loyal customers are the ones who reach out to you most of the time to check for new arrivals.

How could you possibly convert these seasonal shoppers into loyal consumers? This could be an outstanding growth for your business because a regular returning flow of customers will sustain your business for the long haul. Here are some tips to help you:

Onset Loyalty Program

Shoppers are people who need motivation in picking a shop for regular purchases. They return when they know they have something to go back to, something that has an edge than what’s found in other stores.

Encourage seasonal customers through an onset loyalty program. Through this, you give them the chance to earn points while they shop, a great reason for them to keep coming back for more opportunities to earn those points. Introduce your loyalty program swiftly; make sure that application for loyalty cards and other inclusion in a loyalty program does not consume too much of their time. You can resort to technology-based online and social media sites to tell new customers about the advantages of shopping with your company.

A loyalty program should be transparent, mention the possible things that are in the grasp of the program. For example, 24/7 in-stores sales notification, discounts for selected items, free shipping for a $5,000 accumulated purchases, points converted to cash gifts and a lot more. Aside from that, remember to feature your loyalty program in your holiday sales, advertising and the like.

seasonal shopper lifelong customer

Secure Retention Program

Grabbing new customers is challenging; making them stay is rewarding. Good business requires a balance between acquisition and retention of customers. Regardless of how you exert effort to make seasonal customers into loyal ones, take care of the devoted buyers that you have already gained. Among those acquired customers, find who the best customers are and value them.

Despite the number of buyers you cater in a month, never fail to give your best and loyal customers some incentives.

Excellent Customer Service

Smile, greet and assist – these are the common attributes given to customer service representatives. But, is it enough? Nothing can beat the idea of sales representatives who lead services and is passionate about it. Customer service is not a show. Therefore, to convert all those seasonal shoppers to lifelong buyers, show them the warm service that your company offers.

Train your team regularly. Make sure that they know the best features of a product. They should be able to compare brands and let the buyers pick what suits them. If there are some inquiries, make sure that they will be addressed in an informative and friendly way. Keeping the good and enjoyable atmosphere while purchasing will entice more seasonal buyers.

Reasonable Return Policy

Customers love a shop that hears them out. If they’ve got some trouble with an item, make sure to provide them with plenty of resolutions. Set a reasonable return policy; make it clear and visible, and explain the steps on returning the product, through these customers feel assured of purchasing anything in your company.

Be reasonable; accept the fact that there are some imperfect transactions in business. When you deal with returns appropriately, seasonal customers are encouraged to come back since they received great service. Not just that, they may even recommend you to their relatives and friends.

Create Tech-Savvy Shop

The trending industries of today happened online. Thus, leave your customers at ease by having an updated website where they can browse your products and make purchases through one simple click. Most of the seasonal shoppers need to schedule their shopping activity because of work. If you want to make them lifelong patrons, it’s better to do that on the World Wide Web.

Your shop website must contain all the necessary details that they need to know. Aside from pictures and videos, product descriptions should be clear, concise and strategically placed. Descriptions should include the sizes, available colours, product limitations, and the shipping method.

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Seasonal Promotion

There are products which are proven popular and are given promotions for wholesale packages. Product promotion is a big help to make those seasonal buyers return. When they’ve got a good discount on bulk purchases of an excellent product, many will come running back for more.

Add-on Branding

This is an effective strategy as a visual reminder. Upon purchasing items, include free branded merchandise that is useful to your buyers. It can be something they can use most of the time. If seen often, they’ll always remember your shop and would like to go back.

Lifelong customers stay and enjoy services given to them sincerely. When a shop gives them value, they are more likely to stay forever than find another unfamiliar shop to buy from. Always remember, you need to know who your customers are. Gathering information about them, like their contact details, will help you to keep in touch with them for the whole year round.

Next, be generous and give them incentives. Email brochures and free goodies will remind them that your shop still exists even after the holidays. You can also notify them the products that they were interested in are still available and ready for purchase.

Finally, the essential recipe in gaining loyal customers during the season is by looking at them as one of your potential lifelong consumers. Optimism is the key to gaining these lifetime shoppers. It might not be applicable to all buyers today, but it’s a good strategy that has worked for many wholesalers in the past.


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