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How To Create A Wholesale Website Using WooCommerce

How To Create A Wholesale Website Using WooCommerce

WooCommerce’s flexibility allows you to effortlessly create a wholesale website while continuing to cater to your retail clients. However, if you plan on targeting wholesale customers, you’re going to need access to a lot of features that WooCommerce doesn’t include out of the box.

For example, WooCommerce doesn’t enable you to create wholesale customer roles or assign specific discounts to different types of customers. With those two features, you can create a wholesale website that caters to buyers big and small.

In this article, we’re going to talk about three big tasks you need to tackle to create a wholesale website using WooCommerce (and how to solve them). Let’s get to it!

Create A Wholesale Website Using WooCommerce: 3 Easy Steps

Unlock the potential of your WooCommerce store by learning how to create a wholesale website in just three steps. This easy-to-follow guide will help you navigate the process with ease. Here’s what you need:

1. Set custom wholesale prices for your products

Although WooCommerce enables you to modify your product prices at any point, it doesn’t provide you with a lot of options when it comes to dynamic pricing.

By ‘dynamic’ pricing, we mean features such as being able to modify prices for specific user roles or offering special discounts for customers who purchase in bulk.

The easiest way to implement those features is by using plugins. If you’re a fan of coupons (but find WooCommerce’s options lacking), you can use Advanced Coupons:

Advanced Coupons
Advanced Coupons lets you run amazing new types of coupon promotions that you can’t otherwise do with standard WooCommerce coupons.

Advanced Coupons plugin also enables you to implement all sorts of discounts on your store, and it’s a great complement if you plan on targeting wholesale customers.

For example, you can use Advanced Coupons to offer special prices that trigger when customers add over X amount of an item to their shopping cart:

Create a wholesale website
Use Advanced Coupon’s Cart Condition feature to trigger discounts based on order quantities (click to zoom)

Wholesale user roles

You’ll notice that coupon is configured to work for two types of users, and those are customers and wholesale customers. That last user role is automatically set up if you use Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce:

Wholesale Prices
Wholesale Prices gives WooCommerce store owners the ability to supply specific users with wholesale pricing for their product range.

With this plugin, you can set a custom wholesale price for any WooCommerce product that you add:

Adding wholesale prices to WooCommerce
Set custom wholesale prices with Wholesale Prices (click to zoom)

Those prices will only work for wholesale customers, and you get to decide who fits into that role. That way, you can avoid regular customers getting access to prices that they shouldn’t.

As you can see, user management is key if you want to create a wholesale website and that brings us to point number two.

2. Add multiple wholesale customer user roles

If you use Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce plugin, it’ll automatically set up a wholesale customer user role for your website.

The wholesale customer user role
Wholesale Prices automatically create a wholesale customer role for your website (click to zoom)

That’s an excellent start, but as your customer base grows, you’ll probably need to set up more targeted user roles.

For example, if you want to offer one price to clients who buy products by the dozen and another for those who buy in the hundreds, the best way to do that is by creating a tiered wholesale system.

The easiest way to add multiple dedicated wholesale user roles is to upgrade to Wholesale Suite, which includes a lot more features than its free counterpart:

The Wholesale Suite
Wholesale Suite lets you bring your entire wholesale business online so you can streamline & make more profit.

With Wholesale Suite, you can add as many dedicated wholesale user roles as you want to your store. You can also set unique prices for each product and for each role.

More importantly, the suite also enables you to generate custom wholesale user registration forms. That means you can customize the registration process for your best customers from the ground up:

Customizing the wholesale customer registration process
Create custom wholesale registration forms with Wholesale Lead Capture (click to zoom)

If you want to, Wholesale Suite also enables you to approve user registrations manually. That’s important if you require wholesale customers to submit documentation before they can purchase from you.

3. Streamline the wholesale ordering process

If you want your wholesale customers to stick around, you have to go a step further than just offering them the best prices that they can find. You also need to ensure the entire ordering process is as seamless as possible.

Since we’re talking about customers who order dozens or hundreds of products at once, optimizing your store’s ordering and checkout process to cater to them is a smart move.

There are several ways that you can do that. If you’re using Wholesale Suite, you have access to the Order Form plugin. That plugin enables you to display your store’s entire catalog on a single page that’s easily searchable:

Wholesale ordering form
WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form Plugin is the most efficient one-page WooCommerce order form – your wholesale customers will love it. (click to zoom)

One fantastic feature that the plugin adds is that it enables customers to see how many items you have in stock. That’s excellent if you’re buying in bulk so you don’t run into errors by trying to add more products that the store can sell at the moment.

Once your wholesale customers find the products that they want, you can decide whether to let them pay using traditional WooCommerce gateways or submit a personalized invoice.

You can do that using the WooCommerce Invoice Gateway plugin, which enables you to invoice customers via your preferred accounting software:

Woocommerce invoice gateway
WooCommerce Invoice Gateway is an easy invoice payment gateway solution

Which approach to use should depend on what your customers prefer and what is easier for you from an accounting standpoint. Since you’re selling items in bulk, traditional gateways might not be the best choice in some cases.


If you want to create a wholesale website that’s successful, using WooCommerce is the perfect place to start. However, you’ll also want to complement the plugin with other tools that make your wholesale customers’ lives easier.

In this guide, we explored how to create a wholesale website using WooCommerce in three easy steps:

  1. Set custom wholesale prices for your products
  2. Add multiple wholesale customer user roles
  3. Streamline wholesale ordering

Wholesale Suite makes this process easier for you. It features powerful tools that help you seamlessly manage wholesale prices, create tailored ordering forms, and make registration a breeze for your B2B clients.

Do you have any questions about how to create a wholesale website using WooCommerce? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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