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How to Set a Global % Discount for Wholesale Customers in WooCommerce

How to Set a Global % Discount for Wholesale Customers in WooCommerce

There are many advantages to breaking into wholesaling. However, once you’ve decided to sell your products in bulk online, you’re faced with the issue of how to set a global percent (%) discount for your customers.

Rather than going through the tedious process of adding sale prices to your products or creating entirely separate listings for wholesale items, you can simply install WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premiun. Our plugin enables you to easily set discounts, as well as many other wholesale management tasks.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of wholesaling and walk you through how to set a global percent (%) discount in WooCommerce. Then we’ll share some alternative pricing options. Let’s go!

Why You Might Want to Sell to Wholesale Customers

In case you’re unfamiliar, wholesale is the practice of selling products to customers in bulk for a significant discount. Often, wholesale customers are retailers themselves who are looking to stock their shelves.

If you’re already in the online retail industry, branching into wholesale could be a huge boost to your business. There are several upsides to this approach, including;

  • Expanded customer base. As a wholesaler, you open yourself up to a new audience of buyers, and therefore chances to generate additional revenue.
  • Diversification opportunities. Having multiple streams of income can help keep your business afloat through the ups and downs of the market. Adding wholesaling alongside your existing retail operations is one way to do this, but you can also use your position as a middleman to assess niches you can expand into.
  • Low marketing investment required. Generally speaking, wholesaling requires minimal marketing because most of your customers will be repeat buyers. After you build up your initial customer base, you can focus more on maintaining those relationships than attracting leads.

It’s important to note that in order to get started as a wholesaler you’ll need a fair amount of capital for stocking up on products, as well as a lot of storage space. Remember, this field is all about bulk orders, so everything is bigger than its retail equivalent.

How to Set a Global % Discount for Wholesale Customers in WooCommerce (In 2 Steps)

When it comes to turning your WooCommerce site into a wholesale operation, WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium is a must-have tool. It can help you set up many useful features, including creating wholesale customer user roles so you can implement unique pricing options and hide them from your retail customers.

One of the simplest wholesale pricing structures you can use is to apply a global percent (%) discount for all your products. Here’s how to do so with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices.

Step 1: Determine your wholesale prices

Before you start tweaking your online store’s settings, you’ll need to decide what percentage discount you can give your customers. At the end of the day, you still have to make a profit, so this step is crucial.

There’s no single percentage discount that will work for all wholesalers. Instead, you’ll need to consider your specific circumstances, including:

  • What your products are selling for on the market
  • How much it costs for you to source your wholesale products
  • How much you need to pay any employees or team members
  • Other costs required for running your business (such as maintaining your warehouse)

Weigh these factors alongside your desired profit margin, and you should be able to gain a pretty solid understanding of what your wholesale prices should look like.

Step 2: Set your global % discount

Now you’re ready to install and activate WooCommerce Wholesale Prices. Once you do, the plugin will automatically create a default wholesale customer role. Your global percent (%) discount will only apply to users with accounts assigned this role, and will only be visible to them when they’re logged in.

To set your discount, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Prices > Discount:

Accessing the global wholesale discount settings.
(click to zoom)

Under General Discount Options, choose Wholesale Customer from the dropdown, then enter the percent discount you would like to offer:

Setting a global % discount for wholesale.
(click to zoom)

Click on Add Mapping to apply your discount. Customers to whom it applies will see it presented like so on your product pages:

A wholesale percent discount on a product page.
(click to zoom)

Your wholesale venture is now up and running.

Other Wholesale Pricing Structures You Can Implement

While a global percent (%) discount is one of the easiest wholesale pricing options you can implement, there are many others possible with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium. A few top examples include:

  • Quantity based pricing: Increasing percentage discounts based on the number of items the customer is purchasing.
  • Per Category pricing: Set different wholesale discounts for each product category on your site.
  • Per Product pricing: Specify a wholesale price for each individual product.
  • Wholesale Customer role based pricing: Create multiple wholesale customers roles and set different discounts for each of them.
  • Per User pricing: Offer special wholesale pricing for a particular customer.

Additionally, you can set a variety of minimum order requirements, payment gateway options, shipping choices, and more.


Jumping into wholesale can be exciting and intimidating. Overall, there are many advantages to expanding your business in this way, and plenty of tools available to help make the process of managing your e-commerce site easier.

For instance, with WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium, you can set a global percent (%) discount in just two steps:

  1. Determine your wholesale prices.
  2. Set your global % discount in your Wholesale Price settings.

Do you have any questions about branching out into wholesale? Leave them for us in the comments section below!


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