How To Keep Your Wholesale Customers Happy

Your customers are your business. Without the customers, you wouldn’t have a successful wholesale business. As such, it is necessary to keep your wholesale customers happy and satisfied so that they stay loyal to you and not take their business elsewhere.

Happy customers are good, paying customers, and as long as you keep providing what they need, they will stay. But it isn’t just selling to them that matters: how you treat them also matters. Give them deals on products and services. Give them bonuses for referring other customers to you. Give them freebies once in a while. Send them emails on their birthdays and on anniversaries. Be polite and professional when dealing with their issues. All these things combine to make customers happy customers, and this profits your wholesale business.

wholesale customers happy


Give Your Wholesale Customers The Resources To Set Them Up For Success

A wholesale business is a B2B business; your customers are also businesses. When your customers succeed, you also succeed. How can you set up your customers for success? Provide them with tools that can help them use your products to their fullest potential. Anticipate their needs by giving them products that complement what they have already purchased. Give them tips and mini-tutorials via emails so that they can learn and know how to go about being successful in their various endeavours. When your customers win, you also win.

Give Your Wholesale Customers Better Tools

Giving your customers better tools to work with and grow benefits you as well as them. This is a way of ensuring and improving customers’ loyalty. They may not even know that they needed the tools, but by giving them those tools you have cemented a great relationship with your customers. Once they use them and realise how useful they are, you have those customers for life.

Giving your customers are great wholesale customer experience is what matters. They stay happy, satisfied, and loyal, and they even bring you new customers and more business, increasing your sales and profits.

Your Wholesale Customers Can Feature Your Products For Maximum Sales

You can also make your wholesale customers happy by giving them tips on how to feature your products for maximum profits.

  • Online Promotions
    Promoting these products online is a great way to feature products for maximum sales. They can advertise these products in emails to their mailing lists, and even place them on the mailing lists of other companies. By promoting them this way, they increase the exposure of the product, making it more likely to be sold off.
  • Partnership
    They can partner with another company to advertise their product with a product of the company’s. The products would be advertised as a complementary one with the product of the other company, increasing its chances of being bought. It is like advertising a pencil with a notepad sold by a different company. By showing that your pencil will be great to use with that notepad, customers a most likely to buy your pencil when buying that notepad.
  • Buy One, Get One Free
    They can place the products with others that, if one is bought, another complementary product is given for free.

Featuring the products in this way will increase sales and maximise profit for your customers, and these happy customers will return to you for more business.

wholesale customers happy

Simplify Your Wholesale Pricing Model

How you price your items is also something that impacts the customers. Most people don’t like things that even look complex, even when they are not: it puts them off the entire process as a whole. If your pricing model is a complicated or ambiguous one, you are bound to lose customers.

You are a wholesale business that sells shoes. When one goes to your website, they see all the shoes they want, but no prices. They have to ask to know the price. When you give them the price, you tell them it is per every three pairs of shoes. The customer has to ask for the price in bulk, or the price of a single pair, and whether the leather shoes are priced differently from the suede shoes. At some point, they lose interest in buying those shoes, and that is the end of that business deal.

By offering a simplified wholesale pricing model, you make it easier for accounting and inventory. Plus, it makes it easier for wholesalers to calculate and account for their wholesale orders and pay for it.

Make your pricing model simple and easy for your customers to understand. Unhappy customers make for poor growth in a wholesale business.

Providing Samples Can Help Build Your Wholesale Business

Giving samples of products to customers increases their chances of being bought. It is as simple as that. Placing samples of makeup foundation in magazines allows the customers to test them and, seeing that they are great, they place orders for the actual product.

Giving customers just a taste of a great product makes them want to know what the entire product will be like, and so the buy them. This is one clever way of growing your wholesale business.

Create A Great Ordering Experience for Your Wholesale Customers

Ordering and delivering are as important to your customers as getting discounts or freebies. You can create a great ordering experience for your customers by:

  • Streamlining the ordering process online
    From viewing the product, adding to the cart, paying and checking out, all of this should be streamlined into an effortless, hassle-free process.
  • Providing different payment options
    Not all customers want to pay on delivery, and neither do all customers have a PayPal account. Give them several options of payment so that they can choose the method most suitable for them.
  • Providing different delivery options
    It can be by courier, by air mail, or by sea. The delivery options all have different times of delivery, which should be clearly stated so that the customer can pick the delivery option they want and be aware of how long it will take them to get their order.

wholesale customers happy

Delight Your Wholesale Customers

There are many ways you can delight your wholesale customers, including:

  • Giving discounts to new customers
  • Encouraging referrals by giving out gifts and deals on products
  • Provide limited-time offers your customers simply can’t resist
  • Create a personal relationship with your customers
  • Provide 24/7 customer service to attend to your customers’ needs
  • Give discounts to customers that buy many varied products

Promotions to Use with Wholesale Customers

Promoting your products to wholesale customers can take whole new levels of creative and fun. You send make attractive, eye-catching campaign ads and place on billboards or on your blog, or send to their emails. You can also promote them as free products if the customers get other types of products. You can send your wholesale customers free samples of products as a way of promoting those products.

In the end, your customers are happy doing business with you, and you have a loyal client base and a growing wholesale business.


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