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How To Keep Your Wholesale Customers Happy

how to keep your wholesale customers happy

Customers are the lifeblood of any store; without them, your wholesale business won’t succeed. For this reason, it’s necessary to keep your wholesale customers happy and satisfied so that they stay loyal to you.

Happy customers are good, paying customers, and as long as you keep giving them what they need, they won’t take their business elsewhere. But it isn’t just selling to them that matters; how you treat your customers is also crucial.

Give your customers deals on products and services. Grant them bonuses for referring other customers to you. Surprise them with freebies once in a while. Send them emails on their birthdays and on anniversaries. Be polite and professional when dealing with their issues. All these things combine to make customers happy customers, and this profits your wholesale business.

making wholesale customers happy leads to business success

8 Ways To Make Your Wholesale Customers Happy

Making your wholesale customers happy is key to your business’ success. As such, you should familiarize yourself with the various ways you can grant them an enjoyable experience when working with you.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the various strategies you can employ to ensure customer satisfaction!

1. Give your wholesale customers the resources to set them up for success

A wholesale business is a B2B business; your customers are also businesses. When your customers succeed, you also succeed.

How can you set up your customers for success? Provide them with tools that can help them use your products to their fullest potential. Anticipate their needs by giving them products that complement what they have already purchased. Give them tips and mini-tutorials via email so that they can learn how to achieve success in their various endeavors.

2. Give your wholesale customers better tools

Providing your customers with better tools to work with benefits you as well as them. For one thing, it’s a great way to ensure and improve their loyalty toward you.

A client may not know that they need a tool. But by giving them one that suits their needs, you can cement a great relationship with them. This is because once they’ve used said tool and realized how useful it is, you’ve won a customer for life.

Ensuring that every buyer enjoys a great wholesale customer experience matters. They not only stay happy, satisfied, and loyal; they also bring you new customers and more business, increasing your sales and profits!

3. Teach your customers how to promote your products

You can also make your wholesale customers happy by giving them tips on how to feature your products for maximum profits.

  • Online Promotions
    Promoting your products online is an effective way to attain maximum sales. Using email, your customers can advertise these items to their mailing lists and even place them on the mailing lists of other companies. Through such promotions, your customers can increase the exposure of these products, making them more likely to be sold off.
  • Partnership
    A customer can partner with another company, then advertise your products alongside those of said company. These products will be advertised as complementary to one another, increasing their chances of being sold. For example, a customer can advertise your pencil with a notepad a different company is selling. By showing that your pencil will be great to use with that notepad, shoppers are more likely to buy both.
  • Buy One, Get One Free
    Customers can sell your products alongside others that have been discounted. For example, for every hoodie they sell, they can offer a cap for free. Such sales promotions can be extremely attractive to buyers, ensuring increased sales for business owners.

Featuring your products this way will increase your customers’ sales, maximizing their profits. These happy customers will then return to you for more business.

making wholesale customers happy through collaboration

4. Simplify your wholesale pricing model

How you price your items can impact how customers feel about doing business with you.

Most people don’t like things that look or seem complex. So if your pricing model is complicated or ambiguous, you’re bound to lose customers.

Let’s say you’re a wholesale business that sells shoes, but that your website doesn’t show your items’ prices. When a potential customer visits your website, they have to ask how much those shoes cost. When you tell them, you also say that the price is for every three pairs of shoes. The customer then has to ask for the price in bulk, or the price of a single pair, and if the leather shoes are priced differently from the suede shoes. At some point, they lose interest in buying your shoes, and that’s the end of that business deal.

By offering a simplified wholesale pricing model, you facilitate accounting and inventory management. Plus, it makes it easier for wholesalers to calculate and pay for their wholesale orders.

Because unhappy customers contribute to poor growth in a wholesale business, make your pricing model simple and easy to understand.

5. Provide your wholesale customers with product samples

Giving samples of products to customers increases their chances of being bought. It’s as simple as that.

For instance, placing samples of makeup foundations in magazines allows potential customers to test them. Once said customers see the value of these samples, they’re far more likely to place orders for the actual products.

Giving customers a taste of a great product makes them want to know what the actual product is like, eventually encouraging a purchase. This is one clever way of growing your wholesale business.

6. Create a great ordering experience for your wholesale customers

Ordering and delivering are as important to your customers as getting discounts or freebies. You can create a great ordering experience for your customers by:

  • Streamlining the ordering process online
    Viewing products, adding to the cart, checking out, and the like should all be streamlined into an effortless, hassle-free process.
  • Providing different payment options
    Not all customers want to pay on delivery or have a PayPal account. Give them several payment options so that they can choose the method most suitable for them.
  • Providing different delivery options
    The delivery of products can be accomplished by courier, air mail, or sea freight. These methods have different delivery times, which you should clearly state so that customers can pick the options most appropriate for them and be aware of how long it will take for them to receive their orders.
make wholesale customers happy by giving them a great ordering experience

7. Give your wholesale customers special treatment

One effective way to make your wholesale customers happy is by giving them special treatment. There are many ways to do this, including:

  • Giving discounts to new customers
  • Encouraging referrals by giving out gifts and deals on products
  • Providing limited-time offers your customers simply can’t resist
  • Creating a personal relationship with your customers
  • Providing 24/7 customer service to attend to your customers’ needs
  • Giving discounts to customers who buy many varied products

8. Promote your products to wholesale customers

Promoting your products to wholesale customers can create whole new levels of fun and creativity.

For example, you can create eye-catching campaign ads, then place them on billboards, on your blog, or in the emails you send your customers. You can devise sales promotions such as BOGO deals so that when customers buy a specific product, they get another at a discounted price. You can even send your wholesale customers free samples of products as a way of promoting those products.

In the end, you make your customers happy for doing business with you, and you end up with a loyal client base and a growing wholesale business.

Conclusion: Making Your Wholesale Customers Happy Is Crucial To Your Business’ Success

It’s essential to make your wholesale customers happy. When they enjoy doing business with you, they’re more likely to stay loyal to you, which can contribute to drastic revenue boosts and thus your company’s growth and success.

To recap, you can keep your wholesale customers happy by:

  1. Giving them the resources they need to succeed
  2. Giving them better tools
  3. Teaching them how to promote your products
  4. Simplifying your wholesale pricing model
  5. Providing them with product samples
  6. Creating a great ordering experience
  7. Giving them special treatment
  8. Promoting your products to them

Remember: when your customers win, you also win!

Do you have any questions about how to make wholesale customers happy? How about the wholesale tools you can use to ensure they enjoy the best customer experience possible? Let us know in the comments section below!

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