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What You Need To Know About How Wholesale Technology Can Help Your Business

As you are well aware, customer service plays a crucial role in the growth of any business enterprise more especially in retaining customers and making them come back again and again. Currently, the world is experiencing robust growth in the technology sector, how can you as a wholesaler take advantage of technology to help your business grow? Does your business need a robot to give customer service?

Do you want to improve your wholesale sales with the help of technology? Then this post is for you. As a matter of fact, advancement in technology has impacted your personal life in one way or the other. In the same way, it can impact your wholesale business positively if you know how to use it.

Customers are increasingly turning to different social media platforms available for a broad range of activities including product and service related tasks. The major social media platforms that are mostly used by many companies include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest to mention a few. Social media has often created significant challenges for many businesses since they must retrieve, review, respond to customer reviews, complaints, suggestions and general inquiries.

You can take advantage of these platforms to help your business go to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways technology can give you that edge!


Computer technology can significantly improve your wholesale business through the numerous new advertising platforms that are available today that didn’t exist before.

Formerly, you might have used billboard ads to make your business known to the general public, but nowadays you have many online advertising platforms that you can employ to the benefit of your business. Banners and pop-ups that appear on the computer screen on various websites is a great way of advertising your wholesale business.

The wider the market that you can reach via online advertisement, the better for your business because you are likely to attract many potential buyers to your store as compared to the traditional methods of publication where only a portion of the target clients was reached via billboards and the like. Advertise your business more today via the available online platforms.

Price Catalogue

An inventory of different goods that are available in your warehouse that is posted on your business’ website is an excellent way in which technology can help improve your wholesale business.

Most wholesale buyers use the available technology to purchase the wares that they need. Proper ordering and inventory accountability help to significantly improve efficiency and cost, hence posting your price catalogue is likely to grow your wholesale business.

Retailers like to make the price comparison from one wholesaler to the other to see where they can get the goods that they need at a lower price. So when you post your price catalogue on your business website, you stand a chance of attracting many buyers who can quickly know your prices simply by checking your online business portfolio.

Computerized Services

Gone are the days when clients used to stand in long lines in wholesale stores to place an order for the goods that they need. In today’s society, everyone is in a hurry, and they want everything they need fast.

Computer technology advances such as email ordering, digital receipt generation as compared to hand written receipts and invoices will help take your customer service to the next level and fast.

Through the digital service, your wholesale buyers can now walk into your store having placed an order of the things they need via email long before they decide to visit your store. A point of sale system will allow your service staff to quickly take multiple orders and submit them to the delivery team for sorting and arranging the goods ordered. You can give your wholesale business the most up-to-date computerised customer service which will most likely turn around tables to higher sales as compared to the old school system.

Call Center

You might already be using this old technology in your wholesale business, but hold on; there are some things about it that you can improve to increase your sales volume.

You can make your call center a 24/7 operation to cater to more customers and hence generate more business revenue. Besides, you can maximise on your call center to be not only a means of responding to customer queries and placing orders but also to generate more sales.

You can use the business call center to offer value-added service to your customers. For example, if you are dealing with wholesale of automobile parts, you can start offering the existing customers other car products or services which you know they might need. You can also decide to give them discounts and freebies.

Social Networking

As a wholesaler, you can use the social media platforms to your advantage to offer more services to your clients. You can use technology to provide online chatting platform with your existing and potential customers. You can use the chat rooms such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. to allow your customers to share their experiences with you or make their complaints so that you can know where to improve.

In wholesale business, social networking can play a significant role to help your business grow to new highs as well maintain all-time high sales.

In conclusion, therefore, computer technology can improve wholesale business in many ways. Proper utilisation and integration of up to date technology should give your wholesale buyers just one question when they visit your business, “Can I get such seamless service anywhere else?”


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