How To Offer A Free Shipping Incentive For Wholesale Customers

Free Shipping incentive for Wholesale Customers

Recently we ran a very enlightening survey across our users and we found out that around 75% of store owners that responded enforced a minimum amount of some sort on wholesale orders. This is a huge trend toward restricting wholesale ordering and an interesting discussion ensued in the comments of the survey post about it. It quickly became apparent that many store owners are encouraging wholesale customers past this minimum order threshold by offering a free shipping incentive.

We thought it would be super useful to provide a guide on how to implement a free shipping incentive for wholesale customers for those that don’t know how to go about doing this or perceive it to be something too complex for their store to bother with.

Read on to discover two ways you can offer a free shipping incentive for wholesale customers in WooCommerce.

Free Shipping Incentive For Wholesale Customers

Method #1: If you’re a customer of the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin and you want to give ALL customers free shipping, then your configuration is extremely simple.

Simply visit the plugin settings (WooCommerce->Settings, click Wholesale Prices tab, click Shipping in the submenu) and check the box which enables free shipping for ALL wholesale customers.

This will then give all wholesale customers access to free shipping as defined under the built-in WooCommerce Free Shipping module.

All Wholesale Users Get Free Shipping

Method #2: If your requirements are a bit more complex and you want a bit more fine-grained control over who, when and how your wholesale customers should get the free shipping then you need to go a step further and that is what the rest of this guide is about.

In another recent guide, we gave you all the details you need to employ complex free shipping throughout your WooCommerce site in a variety of different ways with lots of different restriction types.

Today we’ll be using the same Advanced Free Shipping plugin again to create our free shipping incentive for wholesale customers.

Step #1: Install Advanced Free Shipping plugin

Download and install the excellent Advanced Free Shipping plugin by Jeroen Sormani.

You can do this via the Dashboard by logging into your website and visiting Plugins->Add New, then searching by the plugin name “WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping”.

Once installed you’re ready to configure your free shipping rules.

Step #2: Configure your wholesale free shipping rule

The Advanced Free Shipping plugin lets you define multiple rules for free shipping. We need to define one for wholesale customers only.

The amount shown below for subtotal is different from the minimum order amounts in WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium. This subtotal amount (or any other restriction you add) is only to control when your customer should receive the free shipping.

Here’s how I suggest configuring the advanced free shipping rule:

Advanced Free Shipping Wholesale Customers

Step #3: Map the Advanced Free Shipping method to your Wholesale Roles

If you are using the wholesale role to shipping methods mapping (see WooCommerce->Settings, click Wholesale Prices tab, click Shipping in the submenu) then you will also need to map the Advanced Free Shipping method to your wholesale roles.

Map Advanced Free Shipping To Wholesale Roles

This will ensure the Advanced Free Shipping shipping method is allowed to show for wholesale customers. See this knowledge base article for more details on how this feature of WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium works.

If you aren’t using this shipping method mapping feature of our plugin, then you can stop here. This is because of the way we have configured the advanced free shipping rule above; it will automatically restrict this rule to wholesale customers only.

If you are using the mapping to restrict other wholesale roles to certain shipping methods, then it is important you do map the Advanced Free Shipping method otherwise they won’t see it at all.

Step #4: Adjust any other free shipping incentive rules

If you followed the instructions in Step #3 and had to add in the Advanced Free Shipping method into your wholesale role shipping method mappings then you’ll also need to adjust any other rules you have defined in Advanced Free Shipping.

By adjusting the other rules (specifically, free shipping rules intended for retail customers only) by adding an extra “AND” condition as follows it will ensure that these rules will never be visible to wholesale customers.

Advanced Free Shipping Not Wholesale

If you don’t do this, then the wholesale customers will also be able to see these free shipping rules intended for retail customers.

Again, you only need to do this if you are using the feature to restrict wholesale roles to specific shipping methods. If not, then don’t worry!


I hope this guide has helped you define your free shipping incentive for your wholesale customers.

How are you encouraging your wholesale customers to increase their order size? Do you actively use a minimum order amount with a free shipping incentive? Tell us about it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “How To Offer A Free Shipping Incentive For Wholesale Customers

  1. Hi thanks for the instructions
    I have configured advanced free shipping for an additional wholesale client as per your instructions above and it seems to have worked as in this particular client isnt charged shipping and no other shipping methods are available to be picked, all this is good.
    However it still says in the cart and at checkout “Shipping: Enter your address to view shipping options.” Surely this should say “Free shipping” or Free Shipping for insert Customer Name
    I am a wholesale Suite Premium plugin customer

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