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How To Prevent Purchase If Wholesale Minimums Aren’t Met In WooCommerce

wholesale minimums

This video will teach you how to prevent a customer from making a purchase if your wholesale minimum requirements aren’t met on your WooCommerce store.

You will need WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium to do this. It has all the features needed for creating minimum purchase requirements for your wholesale customers.

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Review Your Minimum Requirements Settings

So the first step I suggest is to review what you have set up for wholesale minimum subtotal (MOS) and quantity (MOQ) in your wholesale prices settings.

We recently published a full tutorial on how to set minimum order requirements for your wholesale customers. We encourage you to check on that as well.

Review your min order requirements for wholesale in Wholesale Suite
(click to zoom)

The purpose of the minimum order requirements settings is to basically stop your customer from getting wholesale pricing on your products until they reach that minimum.

In order words, if they want the good pricing, they have to make a purchase that is worthwhile for you as the store owner.

Typically you’ll have this all spelled out in your wholesale agreement.

However, by default, your customer is still able to check out on your store, even if they haven’t hit those minimums. They just have to pay retail.

Can still checkout at retail without meeting wholesale minimums
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Prevent Checkout When Wholesale Minimum Requirements Aren’t Met

Now, let’s configure it so that you can change that and NOT let them check out if they haven’t met those minimums.

Go into your Dashboard, then visit the wholesale roles configuration page. You’ll find that under WooCommerce->Wholesale Roles.

Click edit on one of the user roles. When you do, the left-hand side of the screen will be populated with the details of that role.

Down the bottom near the save button, you’ll see a role-specific setting called “Prevent purchase if wholesale condition is not met”.

Prevent purchase if condition not met
(click to zoom)

This will prevent your wholesale customers from being able to check out if they don’t satisfy the requirements.

And by the way, this applies to ALL of your wholesale conditions. So if you have product-specific minimums, those too will prevent the purchase if not met.

You’ll now notice in testing on the front end. It doesn’t even show the Proceed To Checkout button as enabled when the minimums aren’t met.

Hide proceed to checkout button when minimums not met
(click to zoom)

The good thing about this method is that it can be controlled on a per-wholesale role basis.

So that is how you prevent your customers from purchasing when your wholesale minimum requirements are not met on your WooCommerce store.

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