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How To Set A Minimum Order Subtotal For Wholesale In WooCommerce [Tutorial]

minimum order

This tutorial will show you how to set a minimum order subtotal (MOS) for your wholesale customers on your WooCommerce store.

Setting a wholesale minimum order subtotal ensures that your wholesale customers will order the minimum amount required in order to activate wholesale pricing.

If they don’t satisfy this requirement, they’ll have to pay regular retail price. So, in that way, it protects you as the store owner from people who sign up to your wholesale program and don’t have any intention of placing large enough orders.

Tools used:

Here is a video of today’s tutorial:

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Step 1 – Navigate to the Wholesale Prices General settings

The minimum order subtotal (also known as MOS) is found under the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices settings in the General setting sub-section.

  1. Go to WooCommerce->Settings
  2. Click the Wholesale Prices tab
  3. Scroll down to find the Minimum Order Requirements settings
Minimum order subtotal setting WooCommerce wholesale prices
(click to zoom)

The minimum order requirements contain two main settings, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and the Minimum Order Subtotal (MOS). The latter is what we’re covering today in this tutorial.

Step 2 – Set the Minimum Order Subtotal

When the minimum order subtotal has been set, customers with a wholesale user role will see a message on the cart when the order does not satisfy the requirements.

What we’re essentially doing is making a rule to say that the customer cannot activate wholesale pricing unless they have more than the required subtotal amount in their cart.

They can still check out if they wish, but it will do so at the retail price, not the wholesale price.

Set the minimum order subtotal to 0 (as an example)
(click to zoom)

In the screenshot, I have set the MOS to $500 just as an example.

Step 3 – (Optional) Set the Minimum Order Subtotal for any other user roles

If you have additional wholesale user roles defined to create different tiers of customers you can use the mapping controls to define what it should be for each customer.

You must still set the default in the main Minimum Order Subtotal setting. When a customer logs in with one of these specific roles they will use these mapped values instead.

Set the minimum order subtotal per role
(click to zoom)

Step 4 – Test with a wholesale test customer

Once you have everything set the way you want it, you should test with a wholesale test customer. Ensure it is working the way you think it should.

Showing min subtotal for wholesale order message showing
Here’s the message showing when the subtotal isn’t met (click to zoom)

As you can see the message is showing because the minimum hasn’t been met.

Min subtotal message is gone and wholesale pricing is activated

And when the cart is adjusted the message goes away. The pricing is also adjusted to the correct wholesale pricing for that customer.

Why Is The Minimum Subtotal Requirement Message Not Going Away For Me?

When a customer logs in they can immediately see wholesale prices for the items on your store. When they add items to their cart, but they don’t satisfy the minimum, it shows the min requirement message (as shown above).

If you have adjusted your subtotal to go over the amount, but only just, you might have noticed that the sometimes the message doesn’t go away.

The cause for this is that the rule figures out what the subtotal would be based on the activated wholesale pricing of the items in the cart.

In short, it’s possible to have the subtotal meeting the amount with the retail price, but not when wholesale pricing is active. In this case, the message would still show because the minimum subtotal AFTER wholesale pricing has been activated still doesn’t meet the order requirement.

The message actually indicates to the customer what the subtotal would be once they activate wholesale pricing. So your customer will understand this when they read the message.

The tool bases the calculation on the subtotal after wholesale pricing has been applied. This is to protect the store owner and ensure that wholesale customers cannot place an order with wholesale prices when their cart subtotal is below the minimum subtotal requirement.

What Other Minimums Can You Set?

In Wholesale Suite, you can also set the minimum order quantity to restrict users from ordering too little quantity-wise.

You can also set minimum quantities per product or per product variation as well which gives you even more fine-grained control.

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