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How To Set Prices By User Role For WooCommerce (3 Options)

How To Set Prices By User Role For WooCommerce (3 Options)

Setting prices by user role for WooCommerce enables you to offer a broad range of discounts on your store. You can set reduced prices for wholesale customers, offer discount coupons to specific user roles, and even set discounted rates for loyal buyers. The problem is, WooCommerce doesn’t include many options as far as dynamic pricing goes.

In this article, we’ll show three ways to set prices by user role for WooCommerce using three different plugins. Each plugin takes a different approach, so we’ll discuss which one will work best for your situation.

So. let’s get started!

1. Use Wholesale Suite To Set Prices For Bulk Customers

Traditionally, wholesale customers don’t pay the same prices as retail buyers. Since they’re buying in bulk, they expect discounted rates. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as you make up for those discounted prices by selling in bulk. Moreover, wholesale customers are much more likely to keep coming back to your store if you offer them a good experience.

However, you can only set one price for each product using WooCommerce. Therefore, if you want to target both “regular” and wholesale users, you’ll need to add some functionality to your store. The best way to set wholesale prices in WooCommerce is to use the Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce plugin:

Prices by user role for woocommerce
Wholesale Suite lets you bring your entire wholesale business online so you can streamline & make more profit.

What this plugin does is set up a new Wholesale user role on your WordPress website. It also enables you to add custom prices for that user role for any product in your inventory.

Once you install the plugin, it’ll set up that wholesale customer role automatically for you. Afterward, when you go edit or add a new product to your store, you’ll see a new field appear under the Product data > General section:

Setting prices by user role for WooCommerce
Edit wholesale pricing for each product using Wholesale Prices Premium (click to zoom)

Depending on which user role visitors have, they’ll see different prices for your products. Keep in mind that you’ll need to assign the wholesale user role to customers manually, though.

If you want to automate that process and enable users to register as wholesale customers directly, you’ll need to look into Wholesale Suite of plugins. Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce is the free version of one of the three plugins that make up that suite.

With the premium version of that plugin, you can create unlimited custom wholesale user roles and offer other types of discounts. The other two plugins that make up the suite enable you to set up wholesale user registration forms and custom order forms.

Therefore, if you’re serious about optimizing your store for wholesale customers, we recommend you check out the full Wholesale Suite after trying out Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce.

2. Use Coupons To Set Discounted Prices By User Role For WooCommerce

Another way to set discounted prices by user role for WooCommerce is to use a plugin such as Advanced Coupons. What this plugin does is take WooCommerce’s built-in coupon system and add a broad range of new features to it:

The Advanced Coupons plugin
<a href=httpsadvancedcouponsplugincompricing>Advanced Coupons<a> lets you run amazing new types of coupon promotions that you cant otherwise do with standard WooCommerce coupons

Using this plugin, you can create coupons that only work for specific user roles. To get started, install and activate the plugin, then go to Coupons > Add New within the dashboard.

You’ll see an editor that enables you to create new coupons for your WooCommerce store. Here, you can generate coupon codes and decide what types of discounts to offer to customers:

Choosing what type of coupon discount to offer
Create coupon codes using Advanced Coupons (click to zoom)

Once you decide what type of coupon to offer, navigate to Coupon data > Role Restrictions. Tick the option that says Enable role restrictions and by default, Advanced Coupons will enable you to select what customer roles will be able to apply the discount:

Enabling coupon user role restrictions
Select which user roles can use your discount code (click to zoom)

The plugin also lets you decide which user roles can’t use specific coupons if you’d rather opt for that approach. If a customer with a disallowed user role tries to apply a coupon, they’ll see an error message that you can customize.

If you’re using the premium version of Advanced Coupons, you also get access to a feature called ‘cart conditions’. The cart conditions system enables you to set if, and, and or rules that determine when users can apply each coupon.

Another option that you can use within the cart conditions system is for coupons to work only for specific user roles:

Configuring cart conditions to allow specific user roles
Configure cart conditions to work for specific user roles (click to zoom)

By combining cart conditions with more general coupon settings, you can create incredibly targeted discounts. Both tools give you plenty of options to set prices by user role in WooCommerce.

3. Use A Dynamic Pricing Extension For WooCommerce

There are plenty of WooCommerce extensions that implement dynamic pricing functionality into the system. That means they enable you to display different prices to visitors and users depending on the conditions you configure.

For example, using dynamic pricing, you could offer discounts for specific product categories or even cut prices during a set day of the week. What you can do will depend on what dynamic pricing plugin you use.

One of our favorite dynamic pricing plugin options is called Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce. The plugin is easy to use, and it includes a feature that enables you to set prices by user role for WooCommerce.

Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce helps you quickly set discounts and pricing rules for your WooCommerce store.
<a href=httpswordpressorgpluginsadvanced dynamic pricing for woocommerce>Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce<a> also helps you quickly set discounts and pricing rules for your WooCommerce store

Once you install and activate the plugin, you’ll be able to create custom rules for dynamic pricing using a streamlined cart conditions system:

Create custom dynamic pricing rules
Create custom dynamic pricing rules (click to zoom)

Among those conditions, you have the option to limit discounts to specific user roles. Although the system works, it’s not as flexible as the cart conditions that Advanced Coupons offers.

Moreover, if you want to run a wholesale operation, you’ll want to use a plugin that is better geared towards that type of audience. Most dynamic pricing plugins don’t enable you to create custom wholesale user roles, which can be a dealbreaker.


There are a lot of ways to set prices by user role for WooCommerce. Which approach you take should depend on what type of store you’re running and what kind of discount you want to offer.

If you’re looking for the three best approaches for offering role-based discounts in WooCommerce, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Use Wholesale Suite to set prices for bulk buyers
  2. Use coupons to set discounted prices by user role for WooCommerce
  3. Consider using dynamic pricing extension for WooCommerce

Do you have any questions about how to set prices by user role for WooCommerce? Let’s go over them in the comments section below!

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