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[Video Tutorial] How To Setup Wholesale Prices On A WooCommerce Store

According to BuiltWith.com, WooCommerce is now powering around 42% of the internet’s e-commerce tech. That’s an amazing amount of stores!

If you’re looking to sell online it’s smart to consider selling to other businesses as a new line of profit for your business.

Wholesale can be an amazing way to add revenue to your store.

And it’s easy to set up too with Wholesale Suite.

We just filmed this handy tutorial to show you just how quickly you can get a WooCommerce store up and running with basic wholesale pricing features using our free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin. It literally takes minutes.

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In the video we take you through:

  1. Setting up WooCommerce for the first time (for those just starting out)
  2. Setting up basic settings and creating a new product
  3. Adding the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices free plugin
  4. Configuring basic wholesale prices for a product (for more advanced features see our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium add-on plugin)
  5. Creating a wholesale test user so you can see how it looks for your wholesale customers

If you are looking to set up your wholesale pricing on your existing WooCommerce based store or if you are setting up your store for the first time and want to add wholesale pricing then this video tutorial is for you.

How To Figure Out Your Wholesale Pricing?

The next step after you learn how to add wholesale pricing to your WooCommerce products naturally is how to figure out what to charge.

Setting your wholesale pricing is a mixture of art and science and should take into account your product costs, business fixed costs, as well as the market and what customer’s expectations are.

We have a great guide on how to set wholesale pricing vs retail pricing here.

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Josh Kohlbach CEO
Josh is the founder of Rymera Web Co, the makers of Wholesale Suite and many other plugins. He's a business marketing geek and chronic reader; you'll often find his nose buried in some obscure book.

One thought on “[Video Tutorial] How To Setup Wholesale Prices On A WooCommerce Store

  1. Wocommerce is great for wholesale product listing and pricing I have been using it for my Turkish towel company and works perfect thanks for the info

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