Why You Should Ditch Your Paper Wholesale Order Form Template

Why You Should Ditch Your Paper Wholesale Order Form Template

Paper wholesale order forms can be a pain to deal with. A lot of customers prefer doing everything digitally and on your end, paper forms can get lost quite easily. Moreover, paper forms require you to submit them physically, which is another set of problems to deal with.

Switching to a digital wholesale order form template isn’t just about saving you time. It’s a decision that can help you scale your wholesale business and in this article, we’ll break down five reasons why that is so. Let’s get to it!

1. You Can Shift the Work to the Customer

With ‘traditional’ paper wholesale order forms, customers have to know what products they want to order. There’s a lot of room for error and in most cases, they might not even know if you have enough inventory while you make an order.

Using a digital order form, you can enable customers to interact with items on your store, akin to a modern online shopping experience. The only difference is, these clients are buying products in the dozens or hundreds:

Filling out a wholesale ordering form
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By ditching paper, you enable customers to spend as much time as they want to fine-tune the details of their order. It doesn’t matter if they fill out an order at 3 AM either since you don’t have to process it manually.

2. It Saves You Administrative Time and Costs

Handling paper forms is almost a fulltime job in and of itself. You have to send out wholesale forms, process them, ensure that every item is in stock, reach out if you have any questions, and more.

Digital wholesale form templates eliminate most of that busywork. Buyers will be able to fill and submit forms whenever they want. If you enable online payment, your workload can become even lighter.

Moreover, it’s important to mention that digital forms tend to be safer than their paper counterparts. Unlike with paper forms, no one that doesn’t have access to your system can peek into your orders.

3. Digital Wholesale Order Form Templates Are More Accurate

Everyone makes mistakes now and then when filling out purchase orders. If you’re using a pencil or a pen, those mistakes can be incredibly annoying to deal with, though. In some cases, you might even have to start from scratch and use up a new form.

Digital forms are a vastly superior option because you can modify any aspect of your wholesale orders at any time. For customers, that means they can be more confident in their selection and correct mistakes in a matter of seconds.

For you, more accurate forms mean less time having to chase up clients to make sure they entered the right details. That frees you up to spend more time working on improving your store, such as by setting up wholesale user registration forms.

4. You Can Offer Direct Online Payments

One critical downside of paper wholesale order forms is that they don’t enable customers to pay on the spot. For every order that comes in, you have to double-check it’s correct and reach out to the customer to start the payment process.

That approach is obsolete considering how many online payment options users have at their disposal. With a digital wholesale order form, you can take payments on the spot using your preferred processor:

Wholesale order form template
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Using Wholesale Suite, you can pick and choose what payment options you want to provide to your customers. In our experience, it’s usually best to limit credit card and other digital payments to smaller orders, though.

For bigger customers, you can set up custom wholesale order invoicing, which provides them with the details they need to make payments.

5. Digital Forms Can Hook Into Your Existing Infrastructure

If you already offer an online shopping experience for your wholesale customers, it doesn’t make sense for a critical part of that process to be analog.

Paper forms aren’t just inefficient, but they slow down the entire wholesale buying process. By going digital, you can increase sales and hook those new forms into your existing wholesale system.

Using the Wholesale Suite, you can add digital ordering forms into your online store seamlessly. Wholesale users can have access to special prices, use custom ordering forms, and pay for their purchases using the methods that you set up.

More importantly, digital forms enable you to save critical information about past orders and customers with ease. Unlike paper forms, you won’t have to file digital orders in endless cabinets – you can access them from your system at any time.


Wholesale order form templates are one of the cornerstones of your business. The easier you make it for customers to place their bulk orders, the more sales you should bring in.

Switching to digital wholesale order form templates can also benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. You can shift the work to the customer.
  2. It saves you administrative time and costs.
  3. Digital wholesale order templates are more accurate.
  4. You can offer direct online payments.
  5. Digital forms can hook into your existing infrastructure.

Do you have any questions about how to set up digital wholesale order form templates for your store? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!


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