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Wholesale Suite for WooCommerce Turns 6 Years Old!


When we first created our free WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin back in 2015, we wanted to create a wholesale solution that actually resonated with store owners and fully solved the big problems they were facing when it came to selling wholesale online.

Fast forward to today, and Wholesale Suite has helped well over 20,000 business owners with selling to wholesale customers via their WooCommerce stores.

We’re highly rated across all the review sites and we have a thriving base of dedicated store owners. Some of these stores have grown from tiny little stores doing a few hundred dollars a month to huge companies doing millions of dollars in trade every year!

It’s amazing to see – and that brings me to some exciting news: Wholesale Suite is turning 6 years old!

Why Are Wholesale Suite Customers So Successful?

One of our core beliefs here at Wholesale Suite is that small stores can grow into big stores and that every store has something unique and wonderful to bring to the world.

Wholesale Suite aims to democratize access to the kinds of tools that until now only big businesses were able to afford. This means that our customers are able to level the playing field with their bigger competitors and provide superior wholesale service with very little effort.

It lets them:

  • Set wholesale pricing flexibly according to their business model
  • Do away with their clunky old spreadsheets and hand-created PDF pricing tables
  • Provide a super-efficient ordering interface for their wholesale customers
  • Recruit wholesale customers automatically and put them through an approvals process
  • Satisfy their country’s tax display requirements
  • Save countless hours of admin time
  • Create & manage multiple tiers of wholesale customers
  • Show/hide products based on their access
  • And so much more!

We believe that wholesale is a big part of being a modern retailer. Store owners need access to the right tools to succeed.

Our Most Successful Customers

We have so many great customer reviews that we couldn’t just choose one or two to highlight here. So we made a page that collects all the great reviews from everyone using our suite of tools.

Wholesale Suite for WooCommerce Turns 6 Years Old!
Just some of the 325+ amazing 5 star reviews Wholesale Suite has gained over the years

Latest Wholesale Suite Advancements

In response to customer demand, we recently unwrapped a new feature called Cart Subtotal Based Discounts for WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium.

This lets you define additional rewards for wholesale customers that place larger orders, thereby increasing store owner’s revenue.

We’re also in the midst of creating version 2.0 of our celebrated WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form. It will be fully ReactJS driven and features a drag-and-drop builder interface. It also allows you to create multiple order forms for different purposes.

What Are People From The Industry Saying about Wholesale Suite?

When it comes to deploying rich wholesale features for an online store, agency owners, freelancers, and web designers look no further than Wholesale Suite.

Amazing Support and Best Plugin. These guys are very quick to help with any issues. They really are a pleasure to deal with and the plugin is the best Wholesale Pricing plugin out there for WordPress, hands down.”

youniquecreation via WordPress.org

My go-to for anything trade/wholesale. I have a few clients that all use this extension successfully. When I’ve had questions Fauzan and the rest of the team have answered them very quickly. Highly recommend.”

machinedean via WordPress.org

Flexible Product Responsive Customer Support. I use Wholesale Suite, of which WooCommerce Wholesale Prices is one component, for my clients who need flexible pricing models for their B2B customers. Several levels of product pricing discounts are provided, as needed, and the client can choose to use or not as their business model dictates. The few times I’ve needed support from the development team, they have been very responsive to my questions and concerns and have provided temporary and permanent solutions in a quick time. They have also proposed a workaround to address the issue prior to the release of the final solution.”

Reed Steinmetz via WordPress.org

What’s Next for Wholesale Suite?

We’re thrilled to have customers who are so clever and resourceful, and who are growing their businesses with wholesale.

It’s amazing to be a small part their journey and our team has never been more energized. We’re committed to helping Wholesale Suite users grow their stores and give their wholesale customers the best they have to offer.

And when it comes to where we’re going, we’re just getting started! As 2021 is quickly slipping by, we’re preparing some big releases for Wholesale Suite customers in the coming months.

It’s exciting times to be an e-commerce store owner!

Josh Kohlbach
CEO/Founder of Wholesale Suite

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Josh Kohlbach CEO
Josh is the founder of Rymera Web Co, the makers of Wholesale Suite and many other plugins. He's a business marketing geek and chronic reader; you'll often find his nose buried in some obscure book.

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