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WooCommerce Cart Abandonment: The Ultimate Guide For Wholesalers

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment: The Ultimate Guide For Wholesalers

Did you know that the average online cart abandonment rate is at a staggering 70.19%? That’s a ton of missed sales and lost opportunities! If you’re not nailing your WooCommerce cart abandonment strategy, you’re leaving money on the table. Even so, many WooCommerce wholesale store owners neglect to address this aspect of their business. 

However, that ends today! Bookmark this guide, for we will be laying down everything you need to know about WooCommerce cart abandonment. We’ll walk you through common causes and share actionable tips you can implement today to reduce cart abandonment in your WooCommerce store.

Ready to learn? Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

What Is WooCommerce Cart Abandonment?

WooCommerce cart abandonment happens when potential customers add items to their virtual shopping cart, but then leave your online store without completing the purchase. For store owners, every abandoned cart is a missed opportunity.

Common reasons why carts are abandoned 

So, why does WooCommerce cart abandonment happen? While there are many possible reasons, here are the most common ones: 

  • Unexpected costs at checkout: High shipping fees can catch your customers off guard, making them hesitate to continue the purchase. This is especially crucial for wholesale orders, where bulk purchases entail significant shipping costs 
  • Security issues: Today’s customers are increasingly concerned about the security of their data. Lack of trust and security badges on your website may hinder them from completing their purchases. 
  • Website errors and failure to optimize for mobile: Glitches, slow loading times, and failure to optimize for different screen sizes also disrupt the shopping experience and frustrate customers, resulting in abandoned orders. 
  • Limited payment options on checkout: If a customer’s preferred payment method is not available, they might choose to abandon their cart entirely. This is more crucial for bulk orders, where customers expect more flexibility in settling payments 

To address cart abandonment in your online store, it’s important to take these issues into consideration and solve them for your valued customers. In the next section, we’ll explore actionable tips you can implement to do just that. We’ll also introduce you to tools you can use to leverage each strategy for your WooCommece store. 

7 Effective WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Solutions And Best Practices

While abandoned carts are missed opportunities, the good news is that you can still turn things around. By implementing key strategies, you can re-engage potential wholesale customers and transform abandoned carts into conversions. 

1. Create a streamlined ordering process

As we’ve discovered, a cumbersome checkout process can frustrate and deter customers from making purchases. Thus, to prevent WooCommerce cart abandonment, the journey from browsing your product catalog to adding items to their carts and completing the purchase should be smooth and seamless. This is even more crucial for wholesale buyers, as they typically have high-volume orders that necessitate efficient ordering processes. 

Consider providing your customers with a user-friendly ordering form to make bulk purchasing simpler and more intuitive. Tools like Wholesale Order Form allow you to create a fully customized ordering form where B2B buyers can view, search, filter, and add to cart seamlessly. 

Reduce WooCommerce cart abandonment with one-paged order forms
Wholesale Order Form allows you to create bulk ordering forms to streamline purchases (click to zoom)

You can further simplify the checkout process by implementing autofill capabilities on checkout. For example, you can automatically populate shipping and billing information based on the customer’s profile. This reduces effort during the checkout process, which streamlines purchasing for your valued customers. 

2. Provide multiple payment options

According to industry insights, 9 out of 10 shoppers abandon their purchases if their preferred payment method is not accepted. 

The stakes are higher in wholesale transactions–with substantial order amounts in the line, B2B buyers expect more flexibility in their payment terms. To prevent WooCommerce cart abandonment, consider offering options like NET 30/60/90 options, installments, or partial payments. Providing flexible payment terms allows you to meet customer expectations, significantly boosting your store’s conversion rates. 

Fortunately, you can easily implement this strategy with tools like Wholesale Payments. Tailor-made for WooCommerce wholesalers, this powerful plugin allows you to offer flexible payment terms to customers, offer invoice payments, and streamline payment management right within your WooCommerce store. 

Wholesale Payments
Wholesale Payments allows you to offer flexible payment terms to wholesale customers (click to zoom)

3. Send abandoned cart emails 

Another powerful way to re-engage lost customers is by sending abandoned cart emails. These types of emails have an impressive open rate of almost 40%, presenting a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention. By sending your timely abandoned cart emails, you can address concerns and encourage customers to complete their purchases. 

You can further streamline the process by leveraging tools like Drip or Mailchimp. These tools allow you to set up automated triggers based on customer behavior to ensure your abandoned cart emails are sent at the right time. 

4. Offer incentives for completing the purchase 

Customers are always looking for the best deals, and what better way to encourage them to complete their orders than offering discounts and incentives? Coupons, free shipping discounts, and exclusive promotions reduce WooCommerce cart abandonment by serving as powerful motivators for customers to complete their purchases. 

Setting these up is easy with tools like Wholesale Prices Premium and Advanced Coupons. Wholesale Prices Premium allows you to set and manage wholesale pricing with ease and provide tailored B2B discounts to your wholesale customers. 

Advanced Coupons, on the other hand, extends the default coupon functionality of WooCommerce, allowing you to create a coupon for virtually any scenario. With its Cart Conditions feature, you can create rule-based coupons based on different conditions. For instance, you can create coupons that apply only when certain products are in the cart, when a minimum order total is met, or only for specific user roles. 

Cart Conditions - Advanced Coupons
Advanced Coupon’s Cart Conditions feature allows you to create coupons for different scenarios (click to zoom)

5. Outline clear shipping and return policies

Around 47% of customers abandon their carts due to extra costs such as shipping and tax fees. Prevent WooCommerce cart abandonment due to this reason by clearly stating your shipping costs and tax rates as early as possible, preferably as the customers view their cart. This level of transparency ensures that customers are not surprised by additional costs during checkout. 

It’s also important to provide information about your available shipping methods and timelines (For example, standard, expedited, international).  Most wholesale customers shop for products they use for their operations, so accurate delivery estimates are crucial. By providing detailed information, you foster trust and empower them to make informed purchase decisions.

6. Provide stellar customer support

WooCommerce cart abandonment happens when customers have unresolved questions and concerns lingering in their minds. By being proactive and providing stellar customer support, you can eliminate these concerns and address this issue. 

Firstly, focus on giving them quick answers to common questions. For example, you can leverage live chat and AI-powered tools to provide real-time answers to customers as they move through a purchase. Likewise, you can create a comprehensive FAQ or educational section on your website that covers common topics like shipping, returns, and payment options to empower your customers. 

7. Leverage social proof 

When wholesale customers first discover your website, it’s likely that they don’t know much about your brand. This is why displaying social proof is crucial. By displaying positive reviews and endorsements from satisfied customers, you immediately enhance trust from the outset. As a result, you reduce cart abandonment rates due to uncertainty and hesitation. 

Consider prominently displaying positive customer reviews on your homepage, product pages, and checkout page. Likewise, you can publish case studies that share the positive outcomes of partnering with your business. 

Let’s take a quick look at how the well-known brand Coach displays social proof on their website:

Displaying social proof can help reduce WooCommerce cart abandonment rates
Sample social proof. (Image Source: Coach)

By featuring authentic photos posted by satisfied customers on social media, Coach effectively showcases the popularity of their products. Incorporating similar social proof strategies into your business can help build trust and credibility with potential buyers and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Using Wholesale Suite To Reduce WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Rates 

The key to reducing WooCommerce cart abandonment is creating a frictionless purchase experience that leaves no room for uncertainty. However, it can be challenging to find a solution that addresses all the essential aspects for you. This is where Wholesale Suite steps in. 

Tailor-made for WooCommerce wholesalers, this collection of powerful plugins allows you to streamline the entire B2B shopping experience and leave your wholesale customers satisfied. 

Wholesale Suite
Wholesale Suite features four powerful plugins that streamline the WooCommerce B2B purchase experience

Without further ado, let’s walk through each of the plugins and discover how they can help you reduce cart abandonment rates.

1. Wholesale Prices Premium

With Wholesale Prices Premium, you can effortlessly manage wholesale pricing and create tailored discounts for B2B customers. It also allows you to set minimum purchase thresholds and dynamic tiered discounts, and tweak product visibility to streamline the wholesale purchase process. With enticing discounts and a personalized shopping experience, you can encourage wholesale customers to complete their orders and encourage repeat business!

2. Wholesale Order Form 

As we’ve discovered, it’s crucial to create a frictionless ordering experience to reduce WooCommerce cart abandonment. Wholesale Order Form allows you to create one-paged, intuitive, bulk order forms to make wholesale purchases a breeze. With this plugin, B2B customers can easily view your entire product catalog, use advanced search and filter functionalities, and add-to-cart with ease. 

3. Wholesale Lead Capture 

It all begins the moment your wholesale customers find your website! With Wholesale Lead Capture, you can provide B2B customers with a seamless onboarding experience from the start. This powerful plugin expedites account creation by creating an intuitive registration form for wholesale customers. It also allows you to set automated emails and approval processes to make sure your leads get access to wholesale pricing, discounts, and pre-filled checkout information. 

4. Wholesale Payments 

This powerful new addition to Wholesale Suite is another game-changer for your business and a powerful tool to reduce WooCommerce cart abandonment. With Wholesale Payments, you can offer flexible payment terms to wholesale buyers and accept various payment methods. It also streamlines invoice management right within your e-commerce store. By giving wholesale customers more options, you enhance their satisfaction and empower them to buy. 


WooCommerce cart abandonment is a common concern for most online store owners, but thankfully, it’s not a problem without solutions! In this helpful guide, we’ve explored a range of actionable cart abandonment solutions to help you address this issue head-on.

To summarize, let’s take a glimpse of these strategies below:

  1. Streamline the ordering process
  2. Provide multiple payment options
  3. Send abandoned cart emails
  4. Offer incentives for completing the purchases
  5. Outline clear shipping and return policies 
  6. Provide stellar customer support
  7. Leverage social proof

Additionally, we’ve introduced you to powerful tools that streamline the wholesale purchase process and help you reduce cart abandonment rates. With an all-in-one solution like Wholesale Suite, you can create a frictionless B2B shopping experience and maximize conversion rates. 

We hope this article helped you out. So, which of the strategies are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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