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4 Ways Mobile Technology Can Boost Your Wholesale Business

Everyone uses a mobile phone these days. A majority of the world’s population use their mobile devices to access the Internet, whether it is simply surfing the web, reading the news, watching live coverage of events, or buying and selling online.

For wholesale businesses, incorporating mobile technology into your operations would be a very smart move. Every business needs to have an online presence, and with that online presence comes the need to make your website responsive. A responsive website is one that can be accessed on any type of device and can adapt itself to fit the screen of any kind of device. It isn’t just your customers that will benefit from your business having mobile technology, but you and your staff will as well. Mobile technology makes it easier for your customers to get in contact with you and makes your staff’s work easier for them.

Boosting your wholesale business with mobile technology is a no-brainer: it is what is happening now. Do not have second thoughts about it; mobile technology is here to stay, and it can greatly increase your revenue and expand your business. There are several ways that you can boost your wholesale business with mobile technology. Four ways you can grow your wholesale brand with this mobile tech are:

mobile technology

Better Mobility

These days, the concept of the virtual office is having a firm hold on the business world. So is the concept of telecommuting and working remotely from home or any part of the world. Your wholesale business may include every single one of these components: virtual staff, remote staff, and travelling salesmen.

How else do they keep in touch with the headquarters, access important data, or work with team members on projects? Yes, you got it: mobile technology.

Mobile technology allows people the freedom to work wherever they are as long as the business has online servers. Traveling members of staff can pull up data from the office on customers and sales records while on a plane to a meeting somewhere; virtual personal assistants can schedule meetings and answer emails and messages and send out memos while sitting poolside in a spa resort; team members can collaborate on projects and work together on assignments without having to meet each other or colonize a conference hall for days.

Mobile technology also has the potential to increase the efficiency of your staff and increase productivity. Because they are more mobile and can carry their work with them wherever they go, they can get more work done and can do their jobs wherever they are, whatever the time may be.

Increased Sales

With mobile technology, you can increase your sales. You have a wider reach, a broader audience, and staff with customer information at their fingertips. Mobile technology allows your business to reach other parts of the world, no matter where your wholesale business is situated, thus increasing your audience and, subsequently, your customer base.

With mobile technology, you can assess your marketing strategies faster and more efficiently, and you can decide what is working for your wholesale business or not. With mobile technology, you can get information to the customers faster and at a better time, showing them promotions and limited-time offers and discounts, and other events occurring within the company that your customers should know.

Mobile technology also allows you to make frequent and more personal contact with your mailing list, and it can help you get more customers, all of which will work towards improving your sales.

Better Access To Information

With mobile technology, your staff and employees have better access to information that they can use to help your customers quickly and in real time.

If a customer calls a sales representative to ask about the delivery time of a particular item, the sales rep can simply pull up that information there and then and give the customer a reply, rather than forward them to the shipping department or another sales rep or customer rep. with mobile technology, wholesale businesses have the ability to maximize revenue and grab every available sales opportunity, limiting the losses you may incur to the competition.

With mobile technology, customers can also have access to certain information pertaining to them and their purchases. They can check to see what time their orders will be delivered, and they can also track their orders via your website. They can see what products are on sale and for how long, and they can check the deadlines for limited-time offers and act accordingly.

Better Customer Service

Mobile technology greatly improves and enhances customer service. With mobile technology, you can improve your wholesale businesses communication channels. Instead of setting up a particular phone number for clients to reach you, you can set up an email address and a fax number, as well as a comments page and social media addresses for customers to reach you with their questions, requests and complaints.

With mobile technology, you can improve your FAQs page, and readily provide answers to all your customers’ questions. Mobile technology also allows you to improve your customer loyalty by making ordering and paying and shipping very easy for them, and all of that can be done on their mobile devices. You can provide round-the-clock customer care services for your customers, and you can also reach out to new or potential customers.

Mobile technology is the future of wholesale business, and the future is already here. Mobile technology can increase and improve work efficiency and your staff’s productivity; makes it easy for them and customers to access the necessary data they need; allows your staff to be flexible and work from any part of the globe, and it allows you to give your customers a great customer service experience.

Very importantly, mobile technology lets you stay a step ahead of the competition. If not a step ahead, it places you on equal footing with them. Mobile technology is a great way to go in boosting your wholesale business, and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

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