5 Creative Ways To Delight Your Wholesale Customers

Surprising your customers in unique ways is beneficial to your wholesale business. In this post, we will discuss the many ways you can delight your wholesale customers by doing things that will leave a positive experience in their memories. This will also lead to more revenues and profits for your e-commerce business.

5 Creative Ways You Can Delight Your Wholesale Customers creative wholesale

According to Handground, “Not only do delightful surprises encourage customers to share their experience, it also makes them more likely to return to the shop. A joint study conducted by Emory and Baylor Universities found that people who are given an unexpected reward feel more pleasure than when they expected the reward. Shops who successfully create moments of surprise and delight could see more return customers seeking that experience again.”

How to delight and surprise your wholesale customers

1. Free Samples

Sending out free samples of your product alongside their wholesale order will surely be appreciated by your wholesale customers. It’s not the free sample itself, but it’s the thought that you gave an extra gift that counts. It also shows that you value their patronage.

You may also spice it up by giving out random product samples. In that way, merchants will not know what they get and adds an element of surprise to it.

2. Special Giveaways

Another way that you can delight wholesale vendors is to provide special giveaways. You can give special giveaways for the first wholesale order of merchants. Or, you can feature these special giveaways for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

These giveaways may enclose your bestselling products and free product samples. Let your creativity soar!

3. Free Shipping

Almost nothing beats the delight of free shipping for wholesale merchants. It gets them to order more when they know they will not be burdened by any shipping costs.

You may offer free shipping for certain periods of the year or for their first wholesale order. To ensure profits, you can offer free shipping when their wholesale orders reached a minimum order quantity. To do that, set up a free shipping restriction in WooCommerce by reading our post here.

4. Discounted Bundles

Another way to delight wholesale vendors is to give them discounts when they purchase a product bundle. Special product bundles can be a combination of different products from your online store. Give them a discounted product bundle. By doing so, you also let them try out new products that you want to roll out in the market.

5. Good Customer Service

This is definitely worth mentioning since customer service can make or break your business. Providing excellent customer service is a must to ensure the survival and success of your e-commerce business.

Wholesale customers are doing business with you so they need to be able to reach you. Publish a contact form, dedicated email or live chat in your online store. You need to be able to promptly respond to any queries, issues, concerns, problems, suggestions and recommendations. Let them know that you listen and take action to any issues or problems that they’ve encountered. By doing so, you let them know that you care about them.

Before any transaction is to be made, you should be able to provide the information needed by your wholesale customers:

  • Product line sheet
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Ordering Process
  • Payment Policies
  • Returns and Exchange Policies
  • Shipping Fees
  • Terms and ConditionsThese are just some of the vital information that you need to communicate to wholesale merchants.

According to Design Sponge, “It’s not enough to take the order and fulfill it correctly; your buyer wants to know you’re working on it. To keep her in the loop, let her know that you’ve received her order, are fulfilling it and when you’ve shipped it. And don’t forget to follow up to ensure that she happily received it!”

Make the wholesale ordering process a positive experience by installing the Wholesale Order Form plugin.

After they receive the products, you can contact them thru email to get their feedback and product reviews. Read up our post on the benefits of product reviews here.

Good customer service spells good business. By doing these actions, you’ll be able to delight your customers, leave a good impression, and keep them to do business with you for many years to come.


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