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8 Easy Ways To Build Social Proof (From Scratch)

Social proof is the process that a marketer who has an idea, product or course of action that has already been vetted and accepted by a mass of people tries to get it to the market. This process is easy for a marketer who already has a product that is famous, and so it would not be hard to get the market for it. But what if you have a new product that nobody knows about?

You want to sell your products. Otherwise, you could not have taken all that time and energy to create your website. The reason as to while you created that fantastic landing page is because you want to convince customers into buying your new products or affiliate products in that case.

There are several methods that you can use to get your product into the market. Now, the following eight steps will help you to make your product famous using the social proof.

Friends And Family

If you have a new product/service that you would like to get to the market, you can make use of your friends and relatives to help you spread it.

You can use both online and offline friends. All that is required of you is inform them that you have a page or product that you would like to get noticed. Give them the link to your page and ask them to visit it and share it with as many of their friends as they can.

Once you have set the stone rolling, you are likely to get more social proofs as more and more people will start sharing and spreading your page.


The best and easy way to build your social proof is to put a lot of testimonials on your site. But how are you going to get these testimonials and yet your product is new? No problem, sacrifice some of your products and get some real people to use them and let them evaluate your product and then give their honest opinion about your product. When you give your products to people, let them know that you are seeking for their honest evaluation and opinion about the product.

You can find a lot of individuals who will be willing to try your product and give their feedback. But remember, this might eat into your profit but that is just the cost of doing business, and you should be ready to shoulder it. You are likely to reap more benefits as you will sell more products from the honest testimonials that you will get on your website than with a landing page that is empty.

Social Media

Social media is also another great platform to imply your social proof. There are thousands of different social media platforms on which you can put a share button on your site. However, whatever social media platform that you will decide to use, ensure that it is one that shows how many people have liked, shared or re-tweeted your page.

The more of the shares and likes that you get for your page, the more social proofs you are likely to get.


Many people visit websites to gain some information hence the quality of your content will be a significant tool to get more social proofs. So ensure you become an expert in your area.

Consistently add great information on your site and watch your social proof jump to the roof. Be of help to your visitors. Guide them through your website, showing them your valuable information and slowly introducing your credentials from your social proofs and your guests are likely to sign into your site and as your chain of guests grows, so does your social proof.

Number Of Subscribers

A foolproof way to increase the number of your customers to your web is by showing off the large number of subscribers that you have on your page.

By demonstrating a significant number of your followers, you are showing new customers that you are worth their time.

If you are a blogger, encourage your visitors/readers to comment because every comment adds value to your social proof.

That is not all, encourage as many of your readers as you can to follow you on your social media platforms. This will show new readers that you are interactive and your social proof is likely to grow day by day.


You do not live on an island, interact with others by commenting on other people’s blogs also. Get yourself involved in all the social communities that you are part of.

Even if your business is mainly online, you are still part of the human circle more especially if you are dealing with the selling of products or services. New buyers will want to know how many other people have used your product and that you a real person selling your services/products online. They want an assurance that you are for real and the only way they can know that is when you interact with others.

Use your social proof to show your clients that you are concerned about their problems and that you have a solution for them, so interact. The more you do, the more your social proof will grow.

Emailing List

To enjoy getting more social proofs, you need to show how important your email list is. Your email list will advance your authority status fast if you keep it up to date and keep adding to it.

It is crucial that you keep improving on your mailing list as you grow and learn more about your audience, your products and services.

Mention Monthly Reader Count

You can build your social proof by mentioning the number of readers who visit your site every month. Even if you do not have a big number of subscribers on your web or even if your site has not yet become very popular, you are likely to get more customers as days pass by, and you can use this to improve your social proof.

When you post your blog, make a statement that will capture the attention of your potential readers. Use a statement such as, “See what thousands of other visitors have seen.”

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