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How To Make A Customer Check-in Call That Doesn’t Waste Time (Step By Step)

How To Make A Customer Check-in Call That Doesn't Waste Time (Step By Step)

Whether you work in a sales position or run an e-commerce store, customer check-in calls can be a valuable tool. For one thing, checking in with a customer might get you a sale you wouldn’t land otherwise. For another, a customer check-in call can reveal customer pain points that you would otherwise miss.

When it comes to wholesale customers, you need to be more hands-on than you might for retail users. Big purchases often require you to reach out directly to buyers so you can finalize them. A simple check-in call can translate into massive sales.

In this article, we’ll discuss why the check-in call is a valuable strategy for your wholesale business. We’ll also guide you through what points you should cover during the call. Let’s get right to it!

Why Check-In Calls Are Worth Your Time

One big issue with e-commerce is that the sales process can be very impersonal. With most stores, you never get to talk to a real person from the moment that the page loads to when the checkout is done. Even if the store offers live chat, chances are that you’re talking with a bot, and getting hold of a customer representative will be a challenge:

An example of live chat check-in calls
While Live Chats are good to have, nothing beats talking to a real person (click to zoom)

The automated processes in e-commerce make it possible to scale sales in a way that most retail operations can’t match. You can make sales 24/7, even if there’s no one there to greet customers or to talk with them.

Here’s the problem – a lot of customers prefer talking to someone versus just dealing with an online store. You might offer the products that they want, but they might have questions or doubts that need answers before you can make the sale.

In some cases, those customers might not want to reach out to you. However, if you have their contact information, you can break the ice with a check-in call. With a wholesale store, you can collect leads and contact information using a simple registration form.

lead generation outreach: how to attract new wholesale customers
Check in calls can be extremely beneficial for your wholesale business

Check-in or catchup calls can also pay off for existing customers. If you notice one of your top customers hasn’t made a purchase for a while, checking in is definitely a good idea. They might’ve had problems with an order or found better prices. In those cases, a simple call can lay their concerns at rest and it shows that you care about the customer relationship.

Take note!

Check-in calls might not be worth it for retail customers. However, wholesale buyers expect a different level of customer relationship. They’re used to having direct lines of contact with their suppliers and the occasional call will help cement the relationship.

What To Talk About During A Customer Check-In Call

If you’re not sure what to talk about when calling customers, don’t worry – we’ve got you. In this section, we’ll discuss what points you should cover during a general check-in call. We’ll also include simple templates that you can borrow for your next call.

1. Talk about their last order(s)

If you’re talking with an existing customer who hasn’t made a purchase for a while, you’ll want to ask them about their last order(s). Often, one bad experience can sour an entire customer relationship. If shipping is late or there’s an order with subpar products, customers might start looking at other wholesale suppliers for their needs.

If you’re using WooCommerce, you can quickly check every past order for any existing customer:

WooCommerce customer orders
Checking customers’ past orders (click to zoom)

It’s your job to identify any potential problems with past orders and check if customers were happy with your products and service. Therefore, during a check-in call, consider saying something along the lines of:

I wanted to check-in about your latest order and see if everything is in order. Did everything arrive correctly and did you run into any issues with the products?

Being upfront with your questions will get you better results than using generic phrases such as “We wanted to check in if you were happy with your last order.” Some customers might not want to reach out with their concerns, but they’ll be happy to share them if you’re the one to call.

2. Ask if you can help them select the right products

New customers might not be sure which products they want to buy. If you run a wholesale operation, your customers will, in turn, have their own clients. However, picking the right products to order in bulk can be very intimidating.

Your advantage is that you probably have a lot of experience in the niche that your products target. Since you deal with plenty of customers, you should know precisely what product will work best for each customer. However, to get there, you’ll need some basic information about their needs:

Hello, I’m reaching out from X to check if you have any questions about our products or if you need any help choosing the right items.

When it comes to check-in calls, you don’t want to push for sales too much. These calls are all about asking customers if they have any questions or if they need help with anything. Your goal is to provide value so they realize that you offer a much different level of service than other e-commerce operations.

3. Help customers complete the checkout process

Check-in calls can be an amazing way to complete abandoned cart purchases. When it comes to wholesale customers, chasing up after an abandoned cart is well worth the time that it takes to make a call:

A WooCommerce cart
A simple check-in call can resolve an abandoned cart issue (click to zoom)

In our experience, it’s best to wait at least a couple of days before calling customers about abandoned carts. With large purchases, clients might need to take a bit of extra time to arrange for payment, coordinate store, and verify they’re getting the right items. After that window of time is over, you can call and follow this simple script:

Hello Mr./Mrs X, I’m calling from X about the purchase you planned on making from us. We wanted to check in and see if there were any problems with the payment methods or shipping options with the purchase.

It’s common for customers to back out of a purchase due to price issues or additional fees. By insinuating the issue might be with payment or shipping options, you leave it up to the customer to bring price into the discussion.

One recommendation for this type of check-in call is that you should be ready to offer a small discount to get the sale. However, don’t offer that discount up, at first; if the customer brings up the price, then you can mention a one-time discount due to loyalty or as a bonus for new users.

check-in call checkout process
A check in call could be a great opportunity to help a customer complete the checkout process

4. Ask if they’re happy with their purchases

Repeat customers can be an invaluable source of information about the quality of your products and the store experience. Often, it’s customers who will see problems with your store well before you notice them.

Before you wrap up any check-in call, we recommend that you take a minute to ask if the customer has any feedback about your products or the store:

I wanted to take the opportunity to check if you have any notes or feedback about your last purchases or using the website. We’re always looking for opportunities to improve your experience.

It’s not uncommon for customers not to want to share feedback or to have none. However, you’ll occasionally run into the rare customer who has a lot of opinions and is not afraid to share them with you. Those customers can be a goldmine when it comes to improving your store.

Use a check-in call to find out if a customer is happy with their purchase
You can gain valuable customer feedback with a simple check in call


The customer check-in call is a fantastic way to discuss concerns with new customers and to keep repeat buyers happy. When it comes to wholesale e-commerce, ensuring that you get repeat business is essential to your store’s growth. Making a quick call every once in a while to your best customers will help ensure that you don’t lose them to your competitors.

If you’re not sure what to talk about during a check-in call, here are some quick tips to help you lead the conversation:

  1. Talk about their last order(s)
  2. Ask if you can help them select the right products
  3. Help customers complete the checkout process
  4. Ask if they’re happy with their purchases

Do you have any questions about how to make a customer check-in call? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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