Finding Your Ideal Wholesale Customers

One problem a lot of retail store owners have is a revolving door of tire kickers. They would be asking for wholesale price sheets and then never getting an order from them. Or if they do, it’s only dribs and drabs.

These are the kinds of people you want to pre-qualify and moderate before they become full-fledged wholesale customers in your store.

Here are three tips for sorting the wheat from the chaff to find your ideal wholesale customers:

1. Ask Lots Of Questions About Their Business

If you moderate your incoming wholesale sign-up requests you should definitely grab contact details for the person (phone ideally, but email is fine too) and see if you can organise a time to chat.

Many tire kickers will just simply not reply if they aren’t ready to go to the next stage of setting up a get-to-know-you meeting.

Getting on the phone with the person and asking direct questions about their business like:

  • How long they have been trading
  • What volumes they expect to order
  • What their next year of business looks like
  • Their products and how they sell it

The main point is to actually get the information straight from the business people behind those emails. It’s also great for the relationship to make contact directly and to show them that you are serious about creating a win-win scenario for both companies.

ideal wholesale customer

2. It’s All About Volume

A great way to pre-qualify wholesale requests before you even get on the phone with them is to force them to answer questions about how many units they expect to order.

This can be as simple as putting a drop down field on your form that says “How many units of products do you expect to sell in the next 3 months?”.

The good thing about putting this on your form is you can set the barrier to entry by making the minimum on your list a certain amount and ensuring the field is a required field to be filled in.

This sets the expectations to your wholesale customers of what you deem to be a large enough quantity for an order and gets them into the right frame of mind to pre-qualify themselves.

3. Set Your Terms

Lastly is to publish a page on your website (linked to from your wholesale registration form) which details the Terms & Conditions that all wholesale customers must adhere to in order to maintain their wholesale status.

A term sheet is a great way to signal that you have a thriving wholesale business. Also, that you have thought through all the processes around selling to wholesalers.

It also means that wholesale customers must be comfortable with the condition of entry you put on gaining wholesale status.

Why We Made WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture

We made a WooCommerce extension to help with capturing new wholesale customers. It can also help moderate their users and provide the systems to achieve what we’ve outlined in this article.

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