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How To Show Limited Quantity Remaining When Stock Is Low In WooCommerce

How To Show Limited Quantity Remaining When Stock Is Low In WooCommerce

There are many ways to increase sales in your WooCommerce wholesale store, such as writing descriptive product descriptions, taking high-quality photos, and listing accurate prices. However, showing a “limited quantity remaining” notification can incentivize customers to buy products that are running out.

Fortunately, adding a “limited quantity” label to your WooCommerce store is easy with our Wholesale Prices Premium plugin. With this feature, customers will feel more urgency to purchase their items.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you should consider using the “limited quantity remaining” feature in your WooCommerce store. Then, we’ll show you how to configure it with our Wholesale Prices Premium plugin. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Consider Showing Limited Quantity Remaining When Stock Is Low

There are various ways to display your wholesale products in your WooCommerce store. At a minimum, you’ll want to list their prices, product descriptions, and images.

However, you might also want to warn customers when you’re running low on a product:

Limited stock remaining
Showing how many are left in stock can help your customers through the buying process

By doing so, shoppers will know if they have enough time to continue browsing. Plus, they won’t have to go through the buying process only to be disappointed when they find out that a product is no longer available.

Additionally, a “limited quantity remaining” message can motivate customers who are on the fence. A low stock warning can create a sense of urgency and encourage shoppers to complete their purchases before it’s too late.

How to Show Limited Quantity Remaining in WooCommerce (In 3 Easy Steps)

Fortunately, showing low stock in your WooCommerce store is super easy. In this tutorial, we’ll be working with our Wholesale Prices Premium plugin:

Wholesale Prices Premium.
Wholesale Prices Premium enables you to show low stocks in WooCommerce

This WordPress tool enables you to configure wholesale pricing, product visibility, purchase rules, shipping conditions, and more. Plus, it’s very straightforward to use (as you’ll see in this tutorial).

Note that you’ll need to install our free Wholesale Prices plugin before adding the premium version to your WooCommerce store.

Step 1: Install and configure Wholesale Prices Premium

Once you’ve installed and activated Wholesale Prices Premium on your WordPress site, you’ll be prompted to enter your license key to finish the activation.

You can add it by navigating to Wholesale > License > Wholesale Prices and entering the key and email address associated with your Wholesale Suite account:

Wholesale Prices license key.
(click to zoom)

When you’re ready, click on Save Changes. You can also read the Getting Started guide to learn more about how to use the plugin:

The Wholesale Suite getting started guide.
(click to zoom)

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with our plugin, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Configure your stock display settings

Now, it’s time to configure your stock display settings to show the “limited quantity remaining” message.

Go to Wholesale > Settings > Wholesale Prices. Here, you can configure multiple settings for your online wholesale store, including minimum order requirements, product display settings, and customer capabilities.

To display the number of items in stock, scroll down to Wholesale Stock Display Format and choose Only show quantity remaining in stock when low from the dropdown menu:

How to show limited quantity remaining with Wholesale Prices Premium.
(click to zoom)

By default, your WooCommerce store will display the low-quantity message when you have two products left. However, you can adjust this number on an individual basis.

Open the product you want to adjust by heading to Products > All Products and clicking on Edit underneath the item. This will open the WooCommerce product editing interface.

Scroll down to Product data > Inventory and tick the checkbox next to Manage stock level (quantity):

Manage stock level with Wholesale Prices Premium.
(click to zoom)

Then, enter a number into the Low stock threshold box. For example, you might write “5” to trigger the low-stock message when there are only five items left in your store. Remember to click on Update to save your changes.

Step 3: Enable backorders for your store

You might also consider enabling backorders for products in your store. This feature allows customers to order and pay for items that are currently out of stock. Then, they will receive the products when you have them in your inventory again.

There are a couple of benefits to providing backorder functionality. For starters, your customers won’t have to check your store continually to see when you have products in stock. Furthermore, you won’t have to keep as many products in stock at any given time, allowing you to save space in your warehouse.

It’s easy to enable backorders for specific WooCommerce products. Simply open the product for editing and scroll down to Product data > Inventory.

Then, next to Allow backorders?, choose Allow or Allow, but notify customer from the dropdown menu:

Enabling backorders with Wholesale Prices Premium.
(click to zoom)

Notifying customers when they purchase through backorders might be a good idea. Otherwise, they might not realize that an item is out of stock and expect the product sooner than you can deliver.

Additionally, you can enable backorders for all the products in your wholesale store. To do this, go to Wholesale > Settings > Wholesale Prices. Then, scroll down to Always Allow Backorders and check the box next to it.

It’s also a good idea to enable the Show Backorders Notice When Allowed option so that your wholesale customers will be warned:

Enabling backorders with Wholesale Suite.
(click to zoom)

Remember to hit Save changes when you’re done. That’s it! Now your wholesale customers will know when your stock is running low, and they’ll also be able to order it in advance.


Showing a low-stock warning message can motivate customers to complete their purchases straight away. Plus, it’s very easy to create this message and display product quantities to potential buyers.

To recap, here’s how to show a “limited quantity remaining” message in WooCommerce:

  1. Install and configure our Wholesale Prices Premium plugin.
  2. Configure your stock display settings.
  3. Enable backorders for your wholesale products.

Do you have any questions about showing a “limited quantity remaining” warning in your online wholesale store? Lets us know in the comments section below!

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