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Wholesale Returns: The 5 Great Ways To Handle Refunds

Wholesale Returns: The 5 Great Ways To Handle Refunds

Do you want to sell in bulk but hate the idea of customers refunding their purchases? Yes, wholesale returns are indeed bothersome. However, if you want your business to go places, you need to know how to handle refunds in a way that helps both your business and your clientele.

The fact of the matter is that product returns are a part of business transactions. As such, you should embrace rather than avoid them.

But how, exactly, do you handle your customers’ refunds? You’re in luck, because that’s the question we mean to answer in today’s post. So let’s get started!

The 6 Best Ways To Handle Customers Who Ask For Refunds

As a wholesaler, you should know that product return issues are common to all types of businesses. Regardless of the reasons for a refund request, you should use it as an opportunity to enhance your products and services.

With that in mind, here are the 5 best ways to manage wholesale returns:

1. Ask for feedback

Wholesale returns don’t just happen out of the blue. In most cases, customers ask for a refund because a product they purchased failed to meet their expectations.

For this reason, you should always ask your customers for feedback about your products, as this will let you know when you need to enhance what you’re selling. In addition, we suggest maintaining a portfolio of product reviews.

Be as objective as possible and ask your buyers to review your products. Ask “why” and “what” questions such as, “Why did you need to return the product?” and “What problems did you have with the product?” You’re not doing this to put your products down but to know the product lapses that need improving.

If the product isn’t the problem, then the issue could be related to the ordering or delivery process. Common reasons for wholesale returns include wrong sizes, color mismatches, the delivery of the wrong product, and the like. In the worst of cases, products are returned because the customer was deceived by inaccurate or limited product information.

To achieve customer satisfaction, let your clients have a say about your products. Then, listen with an open mind and take immediate action to rectify any mistakes you’ve made.

asking for customer feedback

2. Provide detailed product descriptions

Online shopping may have made selling easier for wholesalers. However, being unclear about what you’re offering can lead to cases where your products don’t meet your customers’ standards.

Therefore, to avoid wholesale returns, always provide accurate and full-feature descriptions of your items.

Product information is an essential requirement in any online business. Make sure to point out all of your product’s features and other relevant information. Be as authentic as possible in your descriptions and don’t hold back from mentioning any product limitations.

In addition, your customers will appreciate clear, multi-angle pictures and videos of your products. Such visuals can tell buyers a range of important information about an item, such as its appearance, function, and operation.

Customers always expect to receive an item that looks and works exactly as it does in your presentation. Thus, providing them with truthful, extensive product information can help set realistic product expectations, reducing the likelihood of a refund.

showcasing your products

3. Offer some samples

Providing your customers with product samples can drastically reduce the likelihood of bulk returns.

When you offer customers a range of diverse products, you end up giving them a tough time deciding which ones to purchase. This is especially true if those items belong to high-quality brands.

Thus, you should present your customers with small, free samples of those products, instead. This will let them compare said products, then determine which ones meet their needs and standards.

By offering free product samples, you reduce the risk of customers finding themselves unhappy with their purchases and ultimately refunding them.

offering product samples

4. Create an easy and understandable wholesale returns policy

Your website should include a detailed, clearly stated wholesale returns policy.

A returns policy is a set of rules that discusses the steps customers should take when issuing a refund. Make sure yours is direct and concise so that it answers customers’ questions quickly. This will prevent your buyers from becoming frustrated with you.

Specify the number of days allotted to product returns as well as the address where products can be sent. Don’t forget to mention if you can pick the items up, or if you need customers to drop them off at your location.

In addition, your wholesale returns policy should confirm the situations where returns are possible and where they aren’t.

Don’t make it too hard for customers to request refunds. Many online stores believe that making the wholesale returns process difficult will boost their sales. Unfortunately, all this does is annoy customers. And the less satisfied your clients are, the less likely they’ll keep doing business with you. As a result, your revenue and reputation will plummet.

Customers always want to do multiple transactions with the least amount of hassle. To give them a stress-free product return, consider the various scenarios wherein they could request refunds, then think of the ways you can address them.

Remember, it’s never too late to create or edit an easy and understandable return policy. Be smart and think about how you can treat your customers better!

a clear returns policy is good for business

5. Build your customers’ confidence in you

Keep in mind that a detailed, comprehensible wholesale returns policy can affect your customers’ decision-making when buying your products. This is especially true when they’re uncertain about specific items.

Providing your clients with a convenient returns policy will assure them that if things go south, you can provide them with an easy solution to their problems. Consequently, this can boost their trust in your company, which in turn can make them more willing to purchase from you over and over again.

customers who are pleased with your service will give you good customer reviews


Wholesale returns may be bothersome, but they can’t be completely avoided. As such, it’s in your best interest to know how to handle bulk refunds in a way that benefits both your and your customers.

To recap, here are the 5 best ways to handle wholesale returns:

  1. Ask for feedback
  2. Provide detailed product descriptions
  3. Offer some samples
  4. Create an easy and understandable returns policy
  5. Build your customers’ confidence in you

Do you have any questions about how to deal with wholesale returns? How about the tools you can use to run a successful wholesale business? Feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below!

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