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How To Improve SEO For Product Pages (4 Best Tips)

how to improve SEO for product pages (4 best tips)

Do you want your wholesale store to thrive in the competitive business landscape? Then we highly recommend maximizing your SEO for product pages.

As an online wholesaler, your storefront serves as your home page and product page. Thus, the search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO on your product retail page needs to be amazing. After all, SEO determines how high search engines will rank your products and how effectively it turns visitors into paying customers.

But how, exactly, do you improve SEO for product pages? Let’s find out!

4 Tips On How To Improve SEO For Product Pages

By improving the SEO on your product retail page, you can boost your conversion rate, attract more visitors, and ultimately increase your profits. So don’t settle for mediocre results; take action to optimize the SEO on said page for better SEO rankings and traffic.

Below, we list four tips on how to improve SEO for product pages. With proper use, these strategies will help you drive customers to your site and generate revenue. Of course, keep in mind that because this is a gradual process, you shouldn’t expect overnight success. And never forget that with persistent effort, you can see results in a matter of months!

1. Use high-quality images of your products

The quality of your product images can affect your conversion rates. Therefore, make sure the images of your products are large, clear, and spectacular.

Display these images on clear and consistent backgrounds. Consider using white space, a simple background color, or a theme that’s neither cluttered nor boring. In addition, this background should complement the product and align with the rest of your website’s colors and motifs. Also, the borders surrounding the product image should bear the same thickness and width.

Because your visitors subconsciously take note of these things, a “loud” background or asymmetrical design elements could end up repelling them.

Also, it’s a good idea to present your products in a context whenever possible. For example, instead of showing an image of an isolated hand-held sewing machine, you can show a person using it to stitch some cloth. This puts the product in context and shows its scale (i.e. the product’s actual size). Furthermore, it reveals how the product fits with the medium it’s designed to be used with (in this case, the hand).

SEO for product pages sewing machine
Having images with context can help your customers know your product better (click to zoom)

Don’t forget to show off your product from different angles!

Lastly, make sure every image you use comes with Alternative Text (Alt Text) that features your keyword or keyphrase. For instance, if your keyphrase is “awesome sewing machine,” then the Alternative Text of your product’s images should include these three words. This is an easy yet effective way to improve SEO for product pages!

Improving SEO for product pages entails using keywords or key phrases in your product images' alternative text
Use high-quality images of your products (click to zoom)

2. Create great content for your product pages

Great content can make a product page more attractive to customers. When you combine an alluring design with excellent SEO, however, you further boost the traffic this page sees.

Among the best ways to improve SEO for product pages is to use relevant keywords or keyphrases. These terms should be present in your page titles, the URLs of your product pages, and your products’ meta descriptions. This will help search engines rank your product pages and drive traffic to your website.

Similarly, you can use page titles and product descriptions to attract more customers. Therefore, write captivating yet truthful headlines and ensure your product descriptions are clear and honest. Furthermore, make sure titles and descriptions provide helpful information while being fun to read. Grammatical errors shouldn’t exist in your content.

While your content should be catchy, it shouldn’t detract from its main purpose: to inform and convince. Thus, make content that will encourage customers to buy from you, and allow search engines to index your product pages for more customers to see you.

Some companies use the product descriptions that manufacturers share with them. However, it’s in your best interest to modify and personalize these descriptions so that they fit your business and audience. Doing so makes your content unique, preventing it from becoming a duplicate of the content found on other websites. After all, many websites simply copy and paste product descriptions as is.

To improve your SEO for product pages, create great content that takes SEO optimization into account
Great content can attract customers to your website (click to zoom)

3. Add FAQs and reviews to your product pages

You should add FAQs to a product’s page to show visitors that you’ve already answered the questions customers typically ask. This is simply because a product description might not tell visitors all they need to know about their desired item. However, seeing the FAQs section will let them acquire the extra information they need.

We also recommend adding product reviews to your product retail page. Reviews add an air of legitimacy to the information you’ve shared in your product description. After all, when people who’ve already used the product agree with the seller’s statements about said product, potential customers are more likely to believe the seller’s claims. Also, remember that every product page has the product image in HD as well as the product description, so product reviews shouldn’t be out of place there.

Don’t forget to use keywords or keyphrases to improve the SEO of product pages!

To improve your SEO for product pages, include frequently asked questions
Consider adding FAQs and reviews to your product pages

4. Clearly show shipping details

Another thing you can do to optimize your product retail page is to show the shipping costs upfront on the product page. Ignoring this practice may turn customers away from your website and into the competition’s arms.

Simply put, hiding the shipping fee can discourage customers from completing purchases. After all, when you see that the product price is different from the checkout price, it’s hard not to feel like the seller is trying to trick you.

Try to make the shipping fee a flat rate for all or most of the products. Then, place that fee at the top or bottom of each product image. This way, customers will immediately know what they’ll be paying in total for that product.

Offer free shipping whenever possible, and let your customers know what delivery methods are available. Moreover, point out how long each shipping method will take to deliver purchases to their target locations.

Make it possible for customers to track their orders using their emails or phones. This shows you have nothing to hide and that you’re honest in your dealings with customers.

To improve your SEO for product pages, make sure to mention shipping details
Dont hide your shipping details from your customers

With high-quality images, great content, shipping details, and FAQs and reviews in your arsenal, you’ve got everything covered!

Using these four tips to optimize your product retail page will produce an increase in SEO rankings, traffic, impressions, and, ultimately, conversions.

However, avoid overdoing things. For example, don’t saturate your content with keywords. Similarly, don’t flood your product pages with product descriptions or blatant sales pitches telling customers why they should buy your items. Such choices will keep your customers away, negating the effect of product page optimization.


Improving your SEO for product pages can lead to a range of benefits for your business. Therefore, optimizing your storefront’s SEO is a must.

To recap, today’s post discussed the following 4 tips on how to improve SEO for product pages:

  1. Use high-quality images of your products
  2. Create great content for your product pages
  3. Add FAQS and reviews to your product pages
  4. Clearly show shipping details

Do you have any questions about how to improve SEO for product pages? How about the tools you can use to enhance your product pages? Feel free to let us know in the comments section!

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