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How To Give WooCommerce Store Credit To Wholesale Customers

how to give WooCommerce store credit to wholesale customers

When you run a small wholesale business, every new customer you register offers a reason to celebrate. That’s because wholesale partnerships can be long and fruitful. Still, if you don’t establish a strong wholesale relationship early on, your hard-earned clients may forget about your store. Thankfully, this is where WooCommerce store credit can help.

If you use WordPress, you can easily grant WooCommerce store credit in order to encourage your wholesale customers to become repeat buyers. Using the Wholesale Suite Bundle and a few other useful plugins, you can offer store credit to new users, for product launches, and even as refunds.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of WooCommerce store credit for wholesale businesses. Then, we’ll share four ways you can grant customers store credit via your wholesale store. Let’s get started!

An Overview Of WooCommerce Store Credit For Wholesale Customers 

In a nutshell, store credit allows businesses to provide customer accounts with “credit” that they can then use to make purchases. Store credit can’t be redeemed for cash. This style of customer rewards is well-suited for online businesses, as users can easily manage store credit in their accounts.

Now, if you’re a WordPress user, you likely already know that WooCommerce has the ability to transform the Content Management System (CMS) into a powerful e-commerce hub. However, the WooCommerce plugin doesn’t allow you to offer store credit natively.

Luckily, you can use the Advanced Coupons plugin to easily add WooCommerce store credit to your users’ accounts:

The Advanced Coupons plugin
Advanced Coupons allows you to run store credits on your store

Once you’re able to grant WooCommerce store credit with Advanced Coupons, you can use this strategy to encourage repeat purchases, build customer loyalty, and so much more.

This may be particularly useful if your WooCommerce store is geared towards wholesale customers. That’s because wholesale purchases tend to be larger. In addition, this type of customer often prefers to gain the trust of one business, then stick with it as long as possible.

4 Ways To Give WooCommerce Store Credit To Wholesale Customers

Now that you know a bit more about giving WooCommerce store credit, we’re going to discuss four ways you can offer it to wholesale customers. For this tutorial, you’ll need the Wholesale Suite Bundle, the Advanced Coupons plugin, and Uncanny Automator Pro.

1. Grant WooCommerce store credit manually

After you’ve installed and activated the Advanced Coupons plugin, the tool makes it extremely easy to grant store WooCommerce store credit manually. To do so, simply navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Then, click on Coupons in your left-hand panel, followed by Manage Store Credits. This will lead you to your Store Credits Dashboard:

WooCommerce store credit dashboard via Advanced Coupons
You can view a summary of store credits on your store using the dashboard (click to zoom)

Within the Dashboard tab, you can view a brief summary of your businesses’ store credit statistics. Under the Customer tab, you’ll find a list of your current customers. You can select View Stats to check out their individual store credit balances.

Advanced Coupons WooCommerce store credit
Customers list (click to zoom)

However, if you don’t have any customers with store credit yet, you can easily add some manually. Simply click on Adjust. You should then see the following pop-up window:

Giving WooCommerce store credit
Manually adjusting the store credits (click to zoom)

You can use the dropdown menu to select either Increase Store Credit or Decrease Store Credit. All you have to do is input your desired amount and click on Make Adjustment. It’s as simple as that!

While manually adding WooCommerce store credit may not be ideal for all occasions, it can be great if you want to grant store credit to a specific wholesale customer in a hurry.

For instance, you may want to do this after a wholesale customer complains about a bad user experience. In this scenario, providing store credit may help keep them happy.

2. Provide store credit as a refund

If you want to run a successful wholesale business, having a clear refund policy is key. Moreover, posting your refund policy is even a requirement under some laws.

While you may want to offer standard refunds, giving your customers the option of saving store credit can be an effective way to nudge them into returning to your store. To do this in WooCommerce, you’ll first need to navigate to the order to be refunded.

Once you’ve located the order, you’ll discover that Advanced Coupons gives you the added functionality of using store credits as refunds. All you need to do is choose to refund the item as store credit, input the refund amount, then click on Update.

3. Offer automatic store credit to new users

Now, we’re going to dive into some of the more advanced, automatic options for giving WooCommerce store credit. Before you get started, you’ll need to check out this tutorial on granting store credit using Wholesale Suite, Advanced Coupons, and Uncanny Automator Pro:

The Uncanny Automator plugin
Uncanny Automator lets you set up automation on your store

Once you’re all set up with these three tools, you can start to offer automatic store credit after customers’ first orders Using Uncanny Automator Pro, you’ll need to create a recipe that is triggered by a customer’s first purchase. This way, you can make new users feel welcome and appreciated without lifting a finger!

4. Gift store credit for a wholesale product launch

Another great way to entice your customers into making a purchase is by offering limited-time store credit when you launch a new wholesale product. This could translate into a surge in purchases and greatly benefit your bottom line.

You could gain a sizable profit if you give enough store credit to cover a significant percentage of the item (but not the whole sum). Plus, your customers may be more likely to purchase other items simply because they will be visiting your store again.

To get the word out about this store credit deal, you can use Wholesale Suite to offer store credit to wholesale customers only. Then, you could create an email marketing campaign that promotes your new wholesale item.

We recommend a tool like Active Campaign which also integrates seamlessly with Uncanny Automator Pro!

woocommerce store credit active campaign
Active campaign is an effective email marketing tool


WooCommerce doesn’t allow you to offer store credit out-of-the-box. However, you can easily install Wholesale Bundle and pair it with Advance Coupons to get the job done. You can further elevate your store credit potential by using these tools with Uncanny Automator Pro.

After your tools are ready to go, here are four ways to provide WooCommerce store credit:

  1. Grant WooCommerce store credit manually
  2. Provide store credit as a refund
  3. Offer automatic store credit to new users
  4. Gift store credit for a product launch

Do you have any questions about giving WooCommerce store credit to your wholesale customers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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