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11 Great Solutions To Your Wholesale Goods Store’s Conversion Problems

11 great solutions to your wholesale goods stores conversion problems

One of the harshest truths about running an online business is that web traffic doesn’t always translate into sales. And as any store owner who sells wholesale goods will tell you, there are few things more soul-crushing than seeing their website fail to make conversions despite getting plenty of visitors.

But does your store’s less-than-stellar conversion rate mean the end of your business? Not necessarily! As long as you take quick action, you can turn things around and not only save your store but also make it thrive.

We also recommend using online tools that can enhance your website’s performance. For example, our Wholesale Suite plugins for WooCommerce are designed to streamline your online wholesale business. With these tools, you can give your customers the amazing ordering experience they need to keep coming back for more.

In today’s post, we’ll explore some of the key reasons why a wholesale goods store may not be making as many sales as it should. We’ll also offer advice on how such problems can be resolved. So let’s get started!

11 Problems Behind Your Wholesale Goods Store’s Low Conversion Rate And How You Can Solve Them

From problems with your website to a lack of knowledge about your audience, here are the 11 main reasons why your wholesale goods store is failing to convert traffic into sales.

1. Your website is hard to navigate

Is your website’s layout so confusing that visitors don’t know what to click? Do you have so many unnecessary pages that exploring your website feels like getting lost in a maze? Do you offer so many choices that users end up with options paralysis?

Visitors who find your site hard to navigate will lose interest in your store and leave without making a purchase. At worst, they may grow frustrated and complain to others about your company.

The solution:

Simplify your website’s design so that it’s easy to navigate. Keep its visual elements clean and orderly. Cut down on the number of pages a customer has to visit and the number of clicks they have to make before they can reach their desired page.

Your navigation menus and bars shouldn’t come with too many options, as these can overwhelm users. Consider reducing the number of ads and popups, too. Don’t forget that your website should also be easy to use on mobile devices!

If necessary, hire good website designers who can fix your website for you.

To sell wholesale goods online, make sure your website design is on point.
<em>To sell wholesale goods online make sure your website design is on point<em>

2. Your website is stylish but lacks substance

A website that boasts appealing design elements, such as pleasant colors and eye-catching graphics, is sure to attract visitors. Unfortunately, if it’s lacking in the substance department, don’t be surprised when those visitors don’t stay to make a purchase.

The solution:

Make sure your website’s structure and copy are on point.

Essentially, it should provide a concise summary of your identity, the services you offer, and the reasons why your products are pertinent to your audience.

3. Your website fails to convey trustworthiness

Your website’s first-time visitors are unlikely to have a preconceived notion of your brand, the quality of service you provide, or your level of reliability. Therefore, if you don’t make an effort to make your site appear more trustworthy, it’ll put off consumers from buying your wholesale goods.

The solution:

Provide links to manufacturers’ websites to present your wholesale goods as legit. Share case studies and existing product testimonials, as well.

If you already have customers, don’t hesitate to ask them for feedback. Product reviews can be extremely effective at attracting new customers!

To encourage customers to buy your wholesale goods, create a website that conveys trustworthiness.
<em>To encourage customers to buy your wholesale goods create a website that conveys trustworthiness<em>

4. Your website doesn’t use calls to action (CTAs)

Calls to action (CTAs) are webpage elements that prompt visitors to take an action. For example, a “Click Here!” button can encourage users to click a link that’ll take them to a product page, increasing the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

If your website lacks such CTAs, you end up minimizing your conversion rates.

The solution:

Maximize your conversion rates by creating content that features CTAs. For example, blog articles and other types of content should link back to pages that discuss, promote, or sell wholesale goods.

Also, consider using CTA buttons, popups, and the like.

For instance, you can have popups that encourage users to subscribe to a newsletter that makes announcements every time you have new products. However, it’s important not to overdo this, as too many buttons and popups can be annoying (refer to point #1).

5. Your website doesn’t cater to customers

One mistake business owners often make when establishing an online brand is creating a website that solely focuses on promoting their organization.

Take a closer look at your website. Is it bogged down by excessive branding, industry jargon, or self-promotion? Because these issues can turn off potential customers and clients!

The solution:

While it’s important to introduce visitors to your business and its services, remember that your website’s main goal is to address customer pain points.

Thus, you should tailor your website messaging so that it resonates with your customers. Focus on demonstrating that you understand their needs and have solutions to their problems. By doing so, you can effectively convert traffic into sales.

To sell wholesale goods online, make sure your website caters to customers.
<em>To sell wholesale goods online make sure your website caters to customers<em>

6. Your pages load too slowly

Does your website take too long to load? If it takes a visitor five seconds to access every page, you’ve got a problem.

An extremely slow website can considerably hurt your conversion rate. After all, customers won’t hesitate to leave a wholesale goods store that wastes their time.

In addition, because Google prioritizes positive user experience, it won’t boost the ranking of a sluggish website that upsets many people. As a consequence, both your traffic and conversion rates will suffer!

The solution:

Thankfully, there are many ways to improve your website’s speed. For example, you can optimize the size of the images you use. You can use fewer plugins. It’s even possible to migrate your website to a better host.

If you need help speeding up your website, reach out to a reputable web developer.

7. You don’t test your website

After completing a website build or revamp, it’s tempting to immediately launch it.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it’s crucial to continually test your site for potential problems that need improvement. Otherwise, you could end up with a site that’s riddled with bugs or other functionality issues that can discourage visitors from buying your wholesale goods.

The solution:

Subject different versions of your website to A/B testing to ensure that it’s free of issues.

Such testing can also pinpoint the website features that can encourage conversions. To identify which option yields the highest conversion rate, limit yourself to making one change at a time. This will provide invaluable insights for future optimization efforts.

Make sure to test your site every time you revamp it!

To sell wholesale goods online, make sure your website works properly.
<em>To sell wholesale goods online make sure your website works properly<em>

8. Your products are too expensive

Let’s say your store sells high-quality, heavily demanded wholesale goods. That should be enough to convert traffic into sales, right?

Not if you set your prices too high. You see, consumers are always on the lookout for good bargains. Visitors might like what they see on your website, but if they can find similar wholesale goods elsewhere for a lower price, they’re unlikely to purchase from you.

The solution:

Competitive pricing is a must. Thus, research what other companies charge for similar wholesale goods, then adjust your prices accordingly. Also, consider offering incentives such as discounts or promotions, as these have been proven useful in generating sales.

We also suggest using wholesale price formulas to avoid overcharging or undercharging your customers. You can even use our free wholesale price calculator to help you determine the right prices for your wholesale goods!

9. Your product descriptions aren’t compelling

Even if your wholesale goods are amazing, poorly worded product descriptions can negatively impact conversion rates.

Remember, your product descriptions should convince people to make a purchase. If you sound like you don’t understand or even trust your own wholesale goods, how would consumers feel confident enough to buy them?

The solution:

Ensure that your product descriptions are informative and truthful. They should also be detailed yet concise. In addition, descriptions should be easy to read and comprehend, so don’t use fancy jargon!

Focus on highlighting your wholesale goods’ key features and benefits. However, you should also mention their limitations.

It’s also a great idea to use high-quality product images. This will help visitors visualize your wholesale goods.

For your website to sell wholesale goods, make sure your product descriptions are compelling.
<em>For your website to sell wholesale goods make sure your product descriptions are compelling<em>

10. Your checkout process is too complicated

If your checkout process is too complicated, it could frustrate your customers. Unfortunately, unhappy shoppers tend to abandon their shopping carts, leading to lost sales.

The solution:

Simplify your checkout process so that it’s easy to use. Thus, provide clear instructions and a minimum number of steps, making sure to remove unnecessary steps.

Your checkout page should also be easy to navigate. Therefore, eliminate superfluous design elements and reduce the number of clicks visitors have to make before they can make a purchase.

In addition, consider offering multiple payment options to make it easier for customers to buy your wholesale goods.

11. You’re not targeting the right audience

Is it possible that you’re not targeting the right audience for your wholesale goods? If your marketing efforts are focused on the wrong demographic, you’ll end up attracting visitors who aren’t interested in what you’re offering.

The solution:

Take a closer look at your marketing strategy. Consider who your ideal customer is, then adjust your marketing efforts appropriately. This might mean targeting a different demographic or using different marketing channels to reach your target audience.

To sell wholesale goods, you should target the right audience.
<em>To sell wholesale goods you should target the right audience<em>


There are several reasons why your wholesale store might be getting traffic but not conversions. By addressing these issues, you can improve your website’s performance and increase your conversion rates.

To summarize, here are the 11 possible causes of your conversion issues and their accompanying solutions:

  1. Your website is hard to navigate
  2. Your website is stylish but lacks substance
  3. You fail to convey trustworthiness
  4. You don’t use calls to action (CTAs)
  5. Your website doesn’t cater to customers
  6. Your pages load too slowly
  7. You don’t test your website
  8. Your products are too expensive
  9. Your product descriptions aren’t compelling
  10. You’re overcomplicating your checkout process
  11. You’re not targeting the right audience

Do you have any questions about why your wholesale goods store is getting traffic but not conversions? Or how about Wholesale Suite – a set of WooCommerce plugins that can boost your online store’s performance? Let us know in the comments section below!

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