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5 Ways A Well-Designed E-Commerce Website Can Boost Your Wholesale Business

E-commerce is simply the act of carrying out business transactions; i.e. buying and selling, through an electronic means such as a computer network or the internet. In this day and age, e-commerce is important and necessary for every business, wholesale businesses included. With the level of competition that exists in the wholesale business scene, not only does your business need an e-commerce website, it needs a well-designed e-commerce website. The size of the business does not matter: what matters is how good your website looks, how well it functions, and how well your customers are able to interact with you through it, as well as use it.

A well-designed e-commerce website has the ability to boost your sales in your wholesale business, because, most important of all, it is what your customers demand. Giving them what they want is sure to turn out to be good for you and your business.

Other ways how a well-designed e-commerce website can boost your wholesale business are:

  1. Flexible, Convenient And Easy For Customers To Access

    A well-designed website must be easy to navigate, with well-worded navigation cues and quick loading times between page clicks. A well-designed e-commerce website will also have good SEO, ranking it high in search engine results for customers to see clearly and visit them quickly.With the ease with which customers can see your website and navigate once they visit t, you can be sure that you will be making sales in a very few minutes after they open your page. The flexibility of a well-designed website is a benefit to the wholesaler because it allows you to continue making sales and promoting products and removing products without you having to be there. A well-designed e-commerce website is convenient for the wholesaler as well as the customer because it is open every hour of every day unless temporarily shut down for maintenance purposes. The customer can browse through products and place orders at any time of the day or night without having to leave their beds. You, the business person, can make sales and earn profits at any time of the day or night without leaving your spot in front of the TV.

  2. Attracts New Customers

    With your website’s clean design, high functionality, great content and high SEO rankings, your wholesale businesses can be boosted when all these factors attract new customers to your business website. Even word-of-mouth will draw them in to take a look, and your website will be getting more traffic and more views.With the high-quality products and/or services that you are selling to them at great prices, this viewing, curious traffic will turn into avid buyers and great, loyal customers. Giving them discounts on products for being first-time customers would be a great way to increase your customer list and increase your wholesale business’ profits.Driving fresh traffic to your e-commerce website is a great way to boost your wholesale business.

  3. Wider Reach With Audience

    With a well-designed e-commerce website and a responsive one at that, you stand to reach a larger audience and to extend your business to other parts of the world. A responsive website is a website that is able to display on all types of devices, no matter how big or small, in a manner that fits that particular device’s screen.An e-commerce website that is not responsive is a website that will quickly lose customers. With the majority of the population today accessing the internet on handheld devices these days, you stand to gain a lot of customers and revenue from this large audience; and your website also makes your business visible to potential customers in other parts of the world, thus increasing your range, your reach, and your audience.This, in turn, will surely boost your wholesale business, both as a brand and in the financial aspect.

  4. Expand Your Market For Niche Products

    With a well-designed e-commerce website for your wholesale business, you are an unstoppable marketing force. You can grow your market for niche products, adding products and services that otherwise you did not have the courage to add. Wholesale business thriving in green tea products for weight loss can expand in that niche, adding other healthy tea drinks such as weight-loss coffee, matcha tea, moringa tea, and several other options that are in your niche.You can be sure that, with the visibility, your wholesale business is getting due to your awesome e-commerce website, you will turn a huge profit by expanding your niche market.

  5. Improved Customer Experience

    A well-designed e-commerce website is highly valuable when it comes to customer service. With a properly designed, well-functioning e-commerce website, there is round-the-clock customer service for your customers. Their needs will always be met, and they will always be attended to, no matter what the problem is. With a great e-commerce website, you have more to offer your customers in the way of goods and services, and you can anticipate their needs that offering them complementary products or services after noting what they have placed in their carts.The variety of payment options on your web store will ease the process of paying for products and services bought, and the various shipping methods and personal tracking of orders will ease the customers’ minds about their purchases.Giving them discounts for being such good customers will increase their loyalty to you, and they will even refer more customers to you because of your professional and helpful way of dealing with them.

Maintaining a well-designed e-commerce website for your wholesale business is a very good investment when you take note of all the benefits they generate for your business’ ratings, reputation, and bank account.

Not just any e-commerce website will do, but a well-designed one that has the customers in mind and frees you up to create more marketing strategies that will provide customers with the quality they expect, and provide you with the boost you need for your wholesale business.


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