How To Modify The — No Category Filter — Text On The Category Filter Dropdown

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    By default on the Wholesale Order Form, the drop-down filter for categories will display — No Category Filter — to indicate when the form is not being filtered by category.

    No Category Filter Drop Down

    Some customers have requested the text be changed, but this isn’t unanimous as some people like this wording.

    So to help those who want to change the text, we’ve wrapped it in a filter which makes it easy to alter with a small snippet of code.

    Add the following code to your functions.php file in your theme and adjust the wording according to your needs:

    function modify_no_category_filter_text () {
        return "--Whatever Text You Want Here--";
    add_filter( "wwof_filter_listing_no_category_filter_text" , "modify_no_category_filter_text" );
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