How To Show WooCommerce Stock Quantity In Your Wholesale Store

How to Show WooCommerce Stock Quantity in Your Wholesale Store

Currently, WooCommerce lets you show customers when your products are in or out of stock. However, visitors can’t find out how many products you have left. This lack of information can lead to customers constantly reaching out to ask about your inventory.

Fortunately, you can show customers exactly how many products you have left with our Wholesale Prices plugin. This tool can help you manage your customers’ expectations and provide a more streamlined ordering process

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of showing WooCommerce stock quantities. Then, we’ll share three simple steps to set this up in your wholesale store. Let’s get started!

The Benefits Of Showing Stock Quantities In WooCommerce

Showing stock quantities in WooCommerce enables you to provide a stellar customer experience. Visitors to your website can view the most updated inventory count. This information prevents them from becoming attached to items and then later finding out they are out of stock:

Showing stock quantities
Showing stock quantites can help your customers make purchasing decisions

Without this feature, customers might get their hopes up about specific items. Then, when they make it to the product page, they won’t be able to buy it:

General product stock information
Showing stock quantities sets customer’s expectations which can improve customer experience

Similarly, when you inform customers that products are in stock (but don’t tell them how many items are available), visitors may need to reach out to ask questions about your stock quantities. This isn’t the best way to maintain an efficient ordering process.

Additionally, showing customers your stock quantities can trigger a sense of urgency with low-stock items. This can even help you increase conversions as shoppers rush to purchase your products.

Lastly, showing WooCommerce stock quantity is a great way to provide transparency to your visitors. This can be especially useful for wholesale customers since stock visibility lets them manage their chain distribution better.

How To Show WooCommerce Stock Quantity In Your Wholesale Store (In 3 Steps)

Although you can use WooCommerce to show that products are in or out of stock, it lacks specific product quantities. This means that customers still need to get in touch if they require more information about your inventory. To access this level of control, you will need a feature-rich plugin like Wholesale Prices.

Step 1: Install and activate Wholesale Prices Premium

Wholesale Prices Premium lets you display accurate WooCommerce stock quantity for your products. It’s ideal for wholesalers since you can set wholesale pricing and determine minimum purchase rules.

Furthermore, many other kinds of businesses can take advantage of the plugin since it also enables you to match shipping methods and payment gateways to user roles:

Wholesale Prices Premium
Wholesale Prices Premium gives you the option to show stock quantities for your product

We offer a free Wholesale Suite plugin which you’ll need to install before the premium add-on. Then, you can purchase the Wholesale Prices plugin from our website and download your .zip file.

Head to Plugins > Add New within your WordPress dashboard to install your paid plugin. Then, click on Upload and find the .zip file on your computer. Once you’ve installed and activated the tool, enter your license key, which you’ll find in your Wholesale Suite customer dashboard.

Step 2: Configure your stock display format

To set up your preferred stock display format, head to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Prices. Scroll down to the Wholesale Products section and look for Wholesale stock display format:

Wholesale stock display format
(click to zoom)

You have three options for your stock display format. You could show the quantity that remains in stock. For example, you might tell customers that you have 12 items in stock:

Selecting a WooCommerce stock quantity
(click to zoom)

On the front end, this setting would look like this:

Showing WooCommerce stock quantity
(click to zoom)

Additionally, you can show visitors WooCommerce stock quantities only when stock is running low. Therefore, your quantities won’t display until you only have two items left, for example.

Alternatively, you may choose never to show specific stock quantities. Instead, you can simply show customers whether a product is in stock or out of stock:

Showing an out-of-stock item
(click to zoom)

Select the option that best suits the requirements of your store.

Step 3: Publish your display settings

It’s important to hit Save changes to make sure your store gets updated. Then, you can view your product on the front end to see what it looks like with your new stock display format:

WooCommerce stock quantity
(click to zoom)

Now, customers can see how many products you have left. It’s that easy! This information speeds up the ordering process and manages customers’ expectations.


It can be frustrating when customers can’t find out about your stock quantities because it makes it difficult to manage their chain distribution. In turn, you might end up with customers constantly reaching out to ask for more specific information about your inventory.

However, with Wholesale Prices Premium, you can show customers exactly how many items you have available. Here are three steps to show WooCommerce stock quantities in your wholesale store:

  1. Install and activate Wholesale Prices Premium.
  2. Configure your stock display format.
  3. Publish your display settings.

Do you have any questions about showing stock quantities in WooCommerce? Let us know in the comments section below!


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