Boost Engagement with Wholesale Customers with This Marketing Checklist

marketing checklist

Keeping visibility online is important but it is also important that you have a loyal audience so you can meet your marketing goals. So in order to achieve all that, you need a good marketing checklist to boost your engagement with wholesale customers. Doing so will help you understand how effective your strategies are as well as its impact on your marketing campaigns.

10 Ways to Boost Your Wholesale Customer Engagement

How can you boost engagement with your wholesale customers? Is there a trick to it? Truth is you have to be consistent with your marketing campaigns and you must have the right checklist to do so. Here’s what you need to boost it.

  1. Identify the audience that you have – over the last few years, social media has changed dramatically. Today people are often on social media sites and are actively using it. In order to engage your wholesale customers, you need to know their “language”. You can post all the content that you want but if this does not appeal to your audience, your efforts will be all for nothing. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of contents being posted every minute. If your content isn’t interesting to your audience, there is a big possibility that you will not meet their needs. So it is important to know who your audiences are, this way you know what kind of content to post and how you should attract your wholesale customers better through it.
  2. You must keep your homepage updated – your landing page should be handy. You must know what to highlight in your homepage, what ads to place and insights on the products that you sell. Creating a user-friendly homepage that is easy to navigate and posting the information your wholesale customers needs.
  3. Create a simple purchasing path for your customers – try not to complicate things when your customers are shopping. If they are already an account holder in your site, make the process as simple as you can. Take a look at how Amazon or eBay makes shopping easier for their customers; you can do the same too. This will make your customers appreciate their shopping experience with you and may even come back in the future. Specifically for wholesale customers, you can use tools such as our Order Form plugin which speed up the ordering process dramatically.
  4. Try crowdsourcing – this may be one of the traditional ways to engage your wholesale customers. Crowdsourcing allows you to obtain data from different sources; externally and internally. This is done to help develop a solution for the issues your customers may encounter. To do this, you must encourage your visitors to participate by conducting a survey on the things that spark their interests. You can then ask for a probable solution on what they would like to happen. Keep this survey for a period of time (say a week to a month) and see to it that you share the development of your surveys. Asking opinions from your customers will make them feel that they matter to you and so sending out invites on your sales funnel (via emails) will be easier in the future.
  5. Surprising customers is always fun – who doesn’t love surprises? Customers love the feeling that they are loved so why not surprise them. You can start small like a personalized email or phone calls to welcome them to your website. You can also offer freebies like journals, e-books, discounts, coupons and anything that you can offer to make your wholesale customers happy. A pop-up message that delivers this message can help you out in offering these surprises.
  6. Create edgy posts – whatever you post online may or may not draw attention and so it is important that you know the kind of contents to post on social media sites. While posting on a regular basis can create a good amount of traffic, what happens when the conversion rate is poor? You must fill in the gap of course and you can do this by posting content that can capture the attention of your readers/customers. Make sure that you don’t have a generic title, use pictures or graphics that can attract their attention. Using different versions of your post for various social sites can also help. Make sure that your landing page can acquire the traffic that you need. If done correctly you will definitely have the results that you are looking for.
  7. Go mobile – e-commerce has indeed changed and there are now various platforms to use in order to meet the customer’s needs; one of them is via smartphones. Most people are on their smartphones these days and they do almost everything in it; shopping is one of them. For online business owners, creating a simple path for customers when shopping through their smartphones is a brilliant move. You need to make sure that their shopping experience with your website is quick and easy. Optimizing your site to be mobile-friendly will make your wholesale customers happier that they can order product on the run.
  8. Offer webinars – webinars are like workshops or a seminar that is often conducted via live broadcast over the web with the use of conference videos or applications. This is one of the most popular methods of boosting the engagement of your wholesale customers. In case you are going to conduct one, make sure that you have the right topic to discuss. A trending topic is often ideal to start with. You can host the webinar alone or have someone to co-host with you (someone who is also an expert in marketing can help a lot) so it may appeal even better to your customers. A guest speaker is also an excellent option to take. Of course, allowing your customers to participate is very important. Let them speak their minds or ask questions; customers love the thought that they are a part of something important.
  9. Offer the best customer service – of course, nothing beats an excellent customer care service. By excellent, I mean dealing with the issues that customers have and resolving the matter right away. Addressing the problem quickly and providing the solution is a good way to encourage your customers. According to statistics, 66% of customers are willing to spend money on a product just as long as it comes with excellent customer care while 60% have stated that they will not pursue an item if they know that the company has a reputation for having poor customer services. So in order to avoid that, all you need to do is provide your customers with the love and care they need!
  10. Be creative with your approaches – e-commerce is ever changing and so your strategies should be too. Don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to engaging your wholesale customers. Be bold and stand out! The more unique your approaches are, the more you will get attention. All it needs is time and talent.

The key to conversion is boosting customer engagement. The products, brands, and services you offer can only do so much but you must always find a way to keep them coming for more. Applying the most effective strategies in engaging them can help you win.


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