5 Big Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Site That Are Driving Customers Away

Starting an online business may be vastly easier than maintaining one. Once you have started it and you got rolling, customers were coming in droves, traffic was high, and business was good. But after some time, you notice that instead of getting more customers, you are getting less. Actually, you are not getting them at all: you are losing the ones you already have. This could mean that there are some mistakes you are making in maintaining your site that are driving your customers away. It could be any or all of the mistakes on this list, or it could use­d to be some other mistakes that you are making with your site. Either way, you need to find the problem fast and fix it before you realise that you have no customers left at all.

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Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Site

  • Not Putting Up Product Reviews

Customers now need more than a good sales pitch to buy a product. They need to see verifiable evidence that the product they are looking at on their laptop or phone screen really works. This verifiable evidence is largely in the form of product reviews.

As a business owner, you should encourage your customers to write reviews of products they have bought from you, so that you can put them up for other customers to see. If you are not asking for reviews, or you are getting reviews but not displaying them on your site, you are doing wrong by your business. Once customers can’t find any reviews about a certain product, the chances that they won’t buy it are very high.

  • Not Putting Up Product Descriptions

This does not even make sense, but some online wholesale business sites do this. They display beautiful images of a product, with five different angles to boot, and then there is no product description. Just the price and the option to add to cart.

How do you want customers to buy the product without a description?

Even if the pictures speak for themselves, there is a need for a descriptive content for the customers to see that what they need has been verified. The lack of product descriptions also conveys a sense of incompetence and inefficiency, showing customers that you can’t do your business well. Product descriptions are important for your site’s product page, and omitting those descriptions is another mistake that could drive away your customers.

  • Your Site Is Not Responsive

In this day and age, having a responsive website is a no-brainer. A responsive website is a site that can be accessed on any type of device, using any type of browser. In a nutshell, your business website should work on any browser and avoid customers from feeling uncomfortable.

If your business’ site is only accessible via laptop using exclusively Internet Explorer, you will lose customers. Your site needs to be accessible on most of the handheld devices that are available today. Statistics show that a large percentage of people in the age range of 18 – 35 use their handheld devices to get on the internet. If your target audience is within that age range, and your site only opens on Android devices, you are limiting the potential of your business.

  • You Put Up Too Much Information On Your Site

Yes, there are such thing as too much irrelevant information. Instead of focusing on how your customers can benefit from what you are selling, you post a list titled “50 Reasons You Should Buy From Me, and Not Them.”

Customers don’t like conceited businesses, no matter how good they are. Or you cover your entire homepage every day of the week in pictures of your pets and articles on cycling and the Maldives. You really don’t like your customers if you are forcing them to look at all of that. Overloading your site with content is never a good thing, even if it is relevant information. Too much is too much no matter what it is, and customers would love to escape this to a quieter, more focused site that is attentive to their needs.

  • Having Terrible Customer Service

It all boils down to the customer. If your site does not have stellar customer service, you will not have any customers. You do not have any contacts for reaching customer care on your site. You do not have a form for customers to leave comments and reviews. You never give discounts and offers are unheard of on your website. You do not bother to address complaints of late deliveries on orders. In essence, you are giving your customers the worst customer service experience they have ever had with an online business, and this will send all of them packing to your competitors.

These are really big mistakes to be making with your site, and if you are doing them, then it is time to sit back and rethink your targets and your customers. There is a lot of competition in the business world, and most especially with online businesses. If your site isn’t performing as well as it should, there will be a competitive website that is doing way better and looking ever more attractive to your customers.

Unless your customers like what you are doing with your site, you ought to sit up and take stock of things and fix them immediately.



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