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How To Improve Wholesale Customer Experience When Restocking Your Products (5 Easy Steps)

How To Improve Wholesale Customer Experience When Restocking Your Products (5 Easy Steps)

When you restock your products, you’re opening yourself up to new and different customers. You have to think of it as a marketing strategy and a way of life. Customers expect to be treated like family when they enter your store, so you need to level up your wholesale customer experience.

So how do you make that first impression so special that the customer won’t forget it? It might seem common sense, but repeatedly restocking your goods with the same customers can leave you feeling icky in the future. In other words, churning out the same old merchandise is boring and uninspiring.

Instead, give your customers something unique and one-of-a-kind each time you restock – and see how much better they feel! In this article, we’ll show you how to improve wholesale customer experience when restocking your products. Let’s get into it!

Why Improve Your Wholesale Customer Experience

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding of the services and products they purchase online.

As a result, businesses are also working hard to provide better services. To achieve this, many businesses consider improving their customer experience as one of the best ways to drive growth.

Improving your customer experience not only makes your products or services look more appealing but also results in happier customers who are more likely to refer other people to your company or shop at your website again.

Thus, improving your customer experience is not just smart business practice but also essential for success.

5 Easy Steps To Improve Wholesale Customer Experience When Restocking Your Products

It’s not always easy to understand the value of your customers. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about the long-term impact that customers can have on your business.

But it is worth making an effort to implement customer strategy and marketing programs that will last, especially when you consider the prevalence of e-commerce today. To help you get started, here are 5 steps you can improve your customer experience when restocking your wholesale store:

1. Create a game-changing first impression

First impressions are lasting impressions, and creating a great first impression is the key to a long and loyal relationship with your customers. When you first walk into a store, you want to set the tone for the entire experience.

So before you even take a single inventory item, you have to have a strategy for creating a memorable first impression. To do this, you have to think of ways to create an unforgettable first moment for your customers. These first moments don’t have to be fancy or expensive.

Example: Headspace’s Welcome Email (click to zoom)

Instead, they can be as simple as sending personalized retention emails, providing timely support, or ‘welcome guides.’ By making your first moment memorable, your customers will remember your store as the place to go to find that one special item they’ve been looking for.

2. Show, don’t just tell with visuals

Another important aspect of creating a memorable first moment is finding visual cues to highlight specific products. As with any online store, product listing pages should have a clear purpose.

Ask yourself: What does your e-commerce store’s product list page do? How can your users easily find products that meet their needs?

Example: Nudie Jeans Co's Product Listing Page
Example: Nudie Jeans Co’s Product Listing Page (click to zoom)

Users shouldn’t require excessive scrolling or additional clicks to find what they want. Your product list should be organized and easy to navigate. Make sure your user experience is top-notch by using visual cues in your e-commerce store’s product list page.

For example, if you sell several different kinds of jewellery, highlight the most expensive items in blue or red so users know where they can buy them immediately. This will help them make more informed decisions about their purchases and stay focused on what really matters — their budget.

3. Keep customers informed with up-to-date price-lists

Another way to improve customer experience is to keep them informed about the pricing of your products. This lets them know the item’s price and how much it will cost them to buy it.

When you don’t want to raise the price of an item while restocking accidentally, only post the price once you’ve finished the transaction. Knowing exactly how much something costs can help keep customers happy and prevent frustration while you restock.

Example: E-Commerce Pricing List
Example: E-Commerce Pricing List (click to zoom)

You can also inform your customers about upcoming price changes by email or phone and remind them if they want to make a big purchase. If possible, include a link to your current price list so your customers can view the items you currently have in stock and see if they qualify for sale.

This way, they won’t ever feel lost when looking for a specific item! Don’t worry; with Wholesale Prices Premium, setting up wholesale-specific pricing is a breeze!

Wholesale Prices Premium helps save you and your customer time, money, and hassle.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback to improve the wholesale customer experience

Additionally, you want to actively engage with your customers whenever they’re shopping in your store. This means listening to what they say and responding to their concerns and questions.

I know that many new business owners are afraid to ask for their customers’ feedback, fearing that doing so will make them look cheap or unprofessional.

Example: Review Email (click to zoom)

But if you want to succeed as a small business owner, you need to learn to ask for your customers’ recommendations — otherwise, you’ll always wonder whether your product is worth purchasing.

Regularly checking in with your customers lets them know that you care about their feedback and want to make improvements. You also learn from your customers and receive guidance on how to do so.

5. Provide a better ordering experience

The final and most important thing you can do to make your first moment unforgettable is to make the ordering process easy and efficient. By simplifying the ordering process, customers will have fewer excuses not to buy from you.

If they have to worry about entering their address, for example, and how to get their order to you safely, then they’re less likely to make that purchase. If possible, try using an online shopping cart or checkout instead of a traditional checkout.

Example: Checkout Page
Example: Checkout Page (click to zoom)

Even if you cannot use online checkout, try to standardize the order process so it’s as easy for customers. Or better yet, you can use a third-party plugin like Wholesale Order Form, which is specifically designed to help wholesale store owners like you provide a seamless ordering experience.

The most efficient one-page WooCommerce order form – your wholesale customers will love it (click to zoom)


Customers love buying from friendly, responsive businesses that offer quality products at affordable prices. Keeping your customer service skills up to par to remain competitive is important no matter your business type.

If regular customers have bought from you before, restock policies can help your customers feel more like family. That’s why you should maintain, if not improve, your customer experience in times like these. Fortunately, we shared 5 easy steps to do so in this article:

  1. Create a game-changing first impression
  2. Show, don’t just tell with visuals
  3. Keep customers informed with up-to-date price-lists
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback
  5. Provide a better ordering experience

Do you have any questions about providing a better wholesale customer experience when restocking your WooCommerce store? Let us know in the comment box down below, or send us a message!

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